Airport Security 3D

Airport Security 3D
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Developer: Webedia

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Get the Latest 2023 Version of Luggage Please 3D Mod APK 1.4.1 Now!

If you love to try out new and exciting games, then you can give this game a shot. Download Luggage Please for Android now.

This is a fun and relaxed game, that doesn’t feature any hard and fast gameplay. All you need is to be attentive and keep a hawk-eye on passengers and their luggage.

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Talking about the graphics, they’re all designed to deliver 2D visuals. You might want to have second thoughts after witnessing the graphics.

You can easily make things work on any medium configuration mobile device. Other than that, there are no special system requirements.

Don’t let the wrong stuff get in!

This game is set in the first-person point of view. You’ll play the character of a customs duty officer, who’s in charge of maintaining the airport secure.

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Gone are the days when the staff had to open up all the bags and search for suspicious items. Since the airports have installed X-ray machines, inspection has become a lot easier.

There will be 2 responsibilities for you:

  • To scan the luggage and ensure that no unauthorized stuff is approved.
  • To scan the passengers and ensure that they don’t carry any restricted materials with them.

Since people are trying to get through the security system, you must be attentive all the time.

How to play the game?

Apart from the main gameplay, here is how to play the game. This is a day-based game.

  • When scanning people, you can see through their clothes, just like any real x-ray machine. If you smell something fishy, there will be 2 buttons: “Accept” and “Reject”.

You know it well about their work. Don’t let any wrong person pass through.

Airport Security 3D Apk Mod Free Download 3

When you successfully filter out each guy, some money is rewarded.

  • Similarly, when scanning the luggage, press the “Accept” or “Reject” button based on the content. Again, you’ll be rewarded some money when successfully filtering out the luggage.

Ugly 2D Visuals

There are several factors, that are ruining the overall game. These include:

  • Poor color tone. The color tone here is extremely bright at some points, and this results in a fading appearance.
  • The level of clarity is below average, again making the visuals a complete mess. Don’t expect to notice any kind of detailing on any screen.

Airport Security 3D Apk Mod Free Download 4

  • When talking about the animations, they are poor too. This game is designed in a low frame rate.
  • In reality, you cannot call the graphics acceptable from any parameter. So it is advised to be 200% sure whether you want to play the game or not.

MOD APK Features

If the game has failed to impress you, then maybe Luggage Please MOD APK latest version can make you happy.

  • Free shopping feature (no need to spend real money on in-game purchases)
  • Unlimited money
  • Free gameplay


Take your airport’s security standards to a whole new height in Luggage Please MOD APK free download. Download now!

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