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Animash Mod APK v109 (Unlock all Characters) for Android

Animash is a unique animal breeding mobile game that is very popular today. In this article, let’s explore with Androidshine about Animask Mod APK and how to download Animash for free to unlock all the characters in the game!

About Animash Mod APK

Animash is a unique animal fusion game developed by Abstract Software Inc. and released in early 2023. This game allows players to combine different animals to create fantastical hybrid creatures using Artificial Intelligence technology. These new creatures possess unique appearances and characteristics.

When starting the game, players will see a grid of squares containing images of incredibly cute creatures. What you need to do is to tap on two squares containing animals to merge them together. When two animals are merged, they will completely disappear, and a new creature will be created in a very surprising way. For example, when you merge a pig with an octopus, it creates a pink creature with eight tails and a pig-like face.

Animash Mod Apk
Animash Mod Apk

The ultimate goal of the player in Animash Mod APK is to create extremely rare creatures with the strongest stats.

The game attracts players with its simple gameplay and the uniquely created animals. You can experiment and see what you can come up with! Every three hours, new animals to merge will appear.

Animash Mod APK is a modified version of the game. The Mod APK takes this concept even further by unlocking additional features and content.

Features of Animash Mod APK

The game Animash Mod APK unlock all is equipped with many outstanding features to provide players with exciting and fresh experiences. Let’s explore these features:

Animash Mod APK unlock all characters

The game offers players over 200 different animal species to explore and merge. In the regular version, some animal species only appear at higher levels, so you have to keep trying to advance to higher levels and unlock them.

However, in the Mod APK version, you can discover all the characters to connect and collect. It expands the selection of animals you can use for your creations a lot. Imagine combining a lion with a dolphin or a bear with a monkey!

Combine 2 animals using AI technology

Specifically, in the game, you’ll be in charge of a special laboratory. In this lab, you’ll be equipped with the most advanced algorithm of the age to combine two species of animals together.

Animash Mod Apk Unlock All Characters
Animash Mod Apk Unlock All Characters

One of Animash’s highlights is the integration of advanced AI technology. The game applies sophisticated algorithms, based on the physical and genetic characteristics of the two animals you choose, to create a new creature with a cute and unique shape. This creature will inherit full traits from both species and possess independent strength. Furthermore, once obtained, you will notice that each creature is rated with stars. This feature indicates their rarity, and you will have the goal of discovering completely new species.

Continuous addition of new animals

To prevent players from feeling bored, Animash Mod APK’s character system will be continuously updated hourly. Every 3 hours, when you combine a pair of animals, the game will add more new species. Therefore, you can freely choose, crossbreed, and explore many new and exotic animals.
Care and Share

In addition to breeding animals, the game Animash also allows players to nurture the creatures they create in their own virtual zoo. You can also share your unique animals on social media platforms and gaming communities to receive ratings and votes from the community.

Graphics and Sound

Animash Mod APK boasts stunning graphics. The images of the animals in the game are designed in a cute, unique, and extremely sharp way, providing players with excitement when crossbreeding animals.

In addition, the game features extremely vibrant sound quality. When we merge each animal, there are incredibly satisfying sound effects. Moreover, each character created will also have unique sounds that match each species.

Animash Mod APK no ads

Ad-free gaming is a very useful feature. No one wants to be bothered by ads while playing games. And the Mod APK version will address this issue.

Animash Mod Apk Download
Animash Mod Apk Download

How to Install

So, how to download Animash Mod APK unlock all characters? To download and install Animash Mod on your device, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Download the “.apk” file from Androidshine, and enable installation from unknown sources in your Android device settings.
  • Step 2: Open the Animash Mod APK download file, run and follow instructions to install
  • Step 3: Once the installation is complete, open Animash Mod APK and start playing!


Overall, Animash Mod APK offers a delightful gaming experience with its charming characters, engaging gameplay, and brings many big surprises to players. With this game, you will freely unleash your imagination as a master of the combination laboratory. Download the Animash Mod version today and complete your collection of unique creatures!

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