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Developer: Top Free Games.

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Download Bike Race Mod APK 8.3.4 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Bike Race APK is a fast-paced racing game offered by Top Free Games. It features top-of-the-world graphics, irresistible sound systems, and user-friendly controls.

It is optimized to work on basic Android devices (Android 4.4 and above). Its lightweight nature (approximately 50MB) makes it ideal for devices with limited storage capacity. As such, you can be sure of lag-free, flawless, and uninterrupted gameplay.

Bike Race Mod Apk

Even better, this game has high replayability value. This is made possible by the continuous update of new tracks, bikes, and challenges. You can almost be sure that you’ll find something new every time you log in to play.

Intense Racing Gameplay

This game is optimized to offer unforgettable racing moments. You start by selecting a bike and customizing it to match your style & suit your racing desires.

After the customization, you can press the play button to start the race. The aim is to circumvent barriers & dodge other racers to emerge as the victor. This will not be an easy task as the game features some of the world’s toughest tracks.

Fortunately, the game offers numerous ways to boost your performance. You can, for instance, upgrade your bike to match the stiff competition you’ll face on the tracks. Even better, you can get power & speed boosts by completing simple challenges.

Simplistic Yet Challenging Track

This game deviates from the conventional racing games that feature long & winding asphalt or off-road tracks. Instead, it features a series of stick-like tracks that will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.

Bike Race Mod Apk Unlock All Bikes

Interestingly, these tracks have been designed with different levels of difficulty. As such, you can start with the easier ones as you familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. After some time, you can then proceed to the more challenging ones.

You should also note that the tracks are not always straight. Some have sharp bends, and others have mind-blowing jumps. You must be careful when approaching these sections lest you crash and burn.

Even more, some will be circular/ring-shaped, and you will appear like you are in a gymnastic show. As you get off the track and fly in the air, you’ll have enough time to perform some cool stunts before you land.

This dynamism set the game apart from the other racing games that often feel repetitive. It is a sure way of relieving stress, having a worthy adrenaline rush, and enjoying your free time.

Many Incredible Bikes

If you want to avoid the feeling of monotony, this is the game for you. It features an extensive collection of bikes that you can use to race.

Bike Race Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Notably, these bikes have unique designs and come in different colors. You can also customize them to suit your preferences & racing style. For instance, you can change their color, add decals, and adjust their speed & acceleration.

Even better, the bikes have unique abilities you can use to your advantage. Some will be lighter & faster, while others will be heavier but more durable. You need to experiment with different bikes until you find the one that matches your playing style.

You can also buy new bikes using the game coins you earn after every victory. This way, you can have a well-rounded collection of bikes that you can use to race on different tracks.

Other Features of Bike Race APK

  • Mad Maps. This game has different maps with mind-blowing features. For instance, some have been designed with hilly terrain while others will take you through the deserts. You will see old-school maps, outer space tracks, and those that feature water bodies.
  • Tournament Mode. This mode will test your skills to the limit. You need to race against other players and emerge as the champion to win attractive prizes. It has dynamic challenges that require you to unleash the best handling & balancing skills.
Bike Race Mod Apk Download
  • Training Mode. This game has a single-player mode that you can use to sharpen your skills. Here, you need to complete different challenges & unlock new tracks. It is an ideal mode for beginners who want to master the game mechanics before venturing into the competitive modes.
  • Play Against Facebook Friends. This game allows you to play against your Facebook friends. It is a great way of enjoying some social interaction as you relieve stress. You can also use it to keep tabs on your friends’ progress in the game.
  • Highly Intuitive Driver Controls. This game has an easy-to-use control system that makes it ideal for both beginners & experienced players. You can use the on-screen buttons to move, jump, and perform stunts.
  • In-game Purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item). You can use real money to buy game items such as bikes & coins. This way, you can quickly build a formidable collection of bikes without having to wait for long. However, you’re not forced to make these purchases, and the game is still enjoyable without them.

User-Created Levels

This game features user-created levels that you can play. Here, you can access a wide range of tracks that have been designed by other players. You can also create & share your levels with the online community.

Bike Race Mod Apk Versi Terbaru

If you want to play more than levels daily, you must buy a level pack. This pack gives you access to unlimited levels for a given period.

Bike Race MOD APK Download

If you want to enjoy unrestricted gameplay, you should download Bike Race MOD APK unlocked everything version. This MOD has these features:

  • Bike Race MOD APK Unlimited Money. You will have all the resources you can to buy different bikes & upgrades without worrying about running out. This way, you can quickly build a vast collection of bikes.
  • Bike Race MOD APK Unlocked All Bikes. This game features an extensive collection of bikes. However, you need to buy most of them using in-game coins. This MOD gives you access to all the bikes from the start.
  • Unlimited Levels. The Bike Race Pro MOD APK allows you to access all user-generated & official tracks. This way, you can play an endless supply of levels without getting bored.
  • No Ads. This Bike Race MOD APK All Bikes Unlocked version features an ad-free gameplay experience. This allows you to focus 100% on navigating the tricky tracks.


If you want a bike racing experience with a difference, you should try Bike Race MOD APK 2023. It features an extensive collection of tracks, bikes, & features that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. You can also use it to socialize with your friends as you race against them online!

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