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Crash Metal is a racing game developed by Kunjungi situs web and published by Crazy. Devs. It is set in an open-world city with beautiful graphics that makes racing thrilling.

The game incorporates different vehicles with varying capabilities. Most of the vehicles have lightings on the bumper and other extraordinary additions that make them highly attractive.

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As such, you will be able to select a car that suits your needs. However, the choices are limited at the beginning. You will unlock more sophisticated vehicles as you earn more points.

Additionally, Crash Metal offers a realistic gaming world. The field of play is characterized by smoothly finished asphalt roads, beautiful buildings, and breathtaking backgrounds. If you want to enjoy all this at the comfort of your home, then you should download Crash Metal for Android.

Electrifying Gameplay

If you’ve played any racing game, you’ll opine that controls determine how exciting your gaming experience will be. Crash Metal put this into consideration. The game has simple controls.

When you download and launch it, you will be prompted to choose your vehicle. You should ensure that you read through the displayed vehicle information to determine which car will meet your needs.

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If you have some cash in your wallet, you can unlock more sophisticated vehicles. For example, a Supra A90 with 335 horsepower will cost 25,000C. However, there are several free vehicles that you can start with as you learn the ropes and earn cash. 

Once you select your vehicle, the screen will open to the following options:

  • Play Single. You will only select this option if you want your vehicle to be alone on the racing track. In this game, you will be racing against time. Your primary goal will be to set new records, which will earn you handsome perks. 
  • Online. Choose this option if you want to engage in multiplayer gameplay. The online option enables you to link up with players from all over the world. This is a highly competitive but thrilling event. 
  • Customize. This option enables you to modify the car you have chosen. Your primary goal will be to get features that will enhance your chances of winning. For example, having a powerful bumper will prevent your car from destruction even after crashing. You can also change the color of your vehicle to suit your tastes and preferences. 
  • Settings. This section enables you to choose the dynamics of your vehicle. The choices you make here will impact your performance directly. At this stage, you have the power to decide the ground clearance of your vehicle. You can also make adjustments to the wheels, exhaust, wings, bumpers, front fender, tail light, and headlight among others.
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Once you’re through with customization, you should press the “Play” button to start. Ensure that you follow the stipulated route lest you miss your target time. 

The maze of roads in the city makes it even more exciting. If you miss a turn, you must ensure that you get back to your route as fast as you can! Always follow the arrow at the top of your screen to stay on course. 

Crash Metal Features

  • Ultra-High Graphics. Crazy. Devs did not disappoint on graphics. The developer used high-standard graphics that make the city appear real. The clean buildings and well-thought-out asphalt roads with arrow markings make this game irresistible. 
  • Super Cool Lighting. The lighting used in Crash Metal is phenomenal. You will start enjoying the glory of these lights when selecting your vehicles. The vehicles are flashed with LED lights to give them a real racing appearance. The bumpers have an in-built lighting system too!
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  • Incredible Customization Options. This game gives many customization options. The developer ensured that you have a chance to personalize it. You can choose logos, paint, bumpers, height, and many other elements of your vehicle. 
  • Online Multiplayer Option. This choice enables you to have a real gaming experience against real competitors from all over the world. 

Exciting Rewards 

When advancing your gameplay, you will encounter various challenges that you must solve to earn points. The generous rewards will enable you to unlock more sophisticated features. As such, you can be sure that the gameplay will continue to be thrilling as you rise through the levels.

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Such awards include race splitting rewards earned after splitting a ring of metal on the track. This challenge requires high concentration and persistence. Other ways of winning coins include finishing the race in record time, defeating your opponents, and remaining disciplined throughout the entire track course. 

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This modded version of Crash Metal comes with enhanced features that make gaming more engaging and interesting. Some of the benefits that come with the Crash Metal MOD APK for android include:

  • Unlimited Money. The Crash Metal MOD APK free download will come with all the coins you need to upgrade your vehicle and unlock new features. 
  • No Ads. Crash Metal MOD APK 2021 does not have advertisement breaks. As such, you will have all the time to concentrate on the racing action. This way, you will unlikely miss a turn.
Crash Metal Mod Apk Offline
  • Crash Metal MOD APK Offline Feature. The modded version of the game allows you to use the multiplayer function offline. As such, you will be able to race against your competitors even without an internet connection.

Additionally, when you download Crash Metal MOD APK for android, you will enjoy all desktop features at the comfort of your house and at no cost. 


Crash Metal is your ultimate racing game. It comes with straightforward controls, ultra-high graphics, and superior graphics to ensure that you enjoy every minute of the gameplay.

Additionally, this game offers unmatched customization options. You will be able to add unique details to your car for a personalized racing experience. Download the latest version today and enjoy adrenaline-filled racing moments!

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