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Download Crowd Evolution Mod APK v62.0.2 [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Crowd Evolution is an arcade game offered by Rollic Games. It has fluid gameplay, and you rarely get lags and buffering when playing it. The primary goal is to grow your crowd while fighting other crowds.

You must strive to have the biggest and most energetic crowd. To do this, you must start with a small number of followers. You will have to collect years and see your crowd increasing!

Crowd Evolution is a truly unique and original game that offers something different from the traditional evolutionary gameplay. If you are a fan of games such as Spore APK, you will love Crowd Evolution.

An Immersive Gameplay

Crowd Evolution is a new and unique game for mobile devices that takes the traditional evolutionary gameplay and turns it on its head. In this game, you will be tasked with growing a crowd of people over several years, starting from humble beginnings.

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

Starting with just a few people, you must help them to grow and evolve into a larger and more powerful force. As your crowd grows, you will be able to take on larger and more challenging tasks, such as taking down enemy forces and buildings.

The game is split into two main parts – the growth phase and the battle phase. In the growth phase, you explore the game map while collecting years, which will help your crowd evolve.

In the battle phase, you must use your crowd’s strengths to defeat enemy forces and take over their buildings. You must be adamant and use strategy to win each battle.

The game is super immersive and addictive. With its unique gameplay, challenging tasks, and beautiful graphics, Crowd Evolution is a must-play game.

Unique Features of Crowd Evolution APK 

  • Add or Subtract Years. As you explore the game map, you will come across years that you can either add or subtract from your total. This will determine how quickly or slowly your crowd evolves. The + years will be green while the – years will be red.
Crowd Evolution Mod Apk Unlimited Money
  • Simple Graphics. This game has simple but effective graphics that add to the game’s overall aesthetic. The colors are bright, and the crowd animations are fluid.
  • Challenging Tasks. When taking on tasks, you must be strategic and use your crowd’s strengths to your advantage. The more challenging tasks require more effort and thought but are worth it as they offer more rewards.
  • Dynamic Obstacles. As your followers march toward their adversaries, they will encounter dynamic obstacles such as walls and enemy forces. You must help them navigate these obstacles.
  • Determined Enemies. Beating the game’s AI-controlled enemies is no easy feat. They are relentless and will not give up easily. You must be just as determined if you want to defeat them.

Simple & Smooth Controls

The challenges of this game will require you to have excellent control over your crowd. Luckily, the controls of the Crowd Evolution game are very responsive.

You can give orders to your followers by tapping on them and selecting the order from the menu that appears. The controls are very smooth and responsive, which is crucial in a game like this.

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Additionally, you can swerve your followers around obstacles by dragging them in the desired direction. This control becomes even more critical when collecting years.

You must evaluate the choices offered and pick one that will offer maximum benefits to your crowd. For example, the +10 years and +500 months decision can be tough. You must decide which of the two will add more years to your total and help your crowd evolve faster.

A Clutter-Free User Interface 

The user interface is very well designed and offers a clutter-free experience. The buttons and menus are placed in a way that they do not interfere with the game’s graphics.

The game’s HUD (Head-Up Display) is also very minimalistic, which is great as it allows you to see more of the crowd and the game map. Some of the options available on the display include:

  • Ages. This menu allows you to pick your ideal crowd age. Some are locked when starting the game, but you can unlock them later.
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  • Weapon. This is where you select the weapon your crowd will use in battle. You can unlock new & more sophisticated weapons as you progress through the game.
  • Pet. This is where you can select a pet for your crowd. The pets offer different benefits, such as increased speed or strength.
  • Rare. This section contains the rare items of the game. You can use these items to boost your crowd’s stats or give them new abilities.

Crowd Evolution MOD APK Download 

If you want to unlock more features, you should download Crowd Evolution MOD APK for Android. It has these stand-out features:

  • Crowd Evolution MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. This game uses two currencies: money and gems. You will need them to progress through the game. With this MOD, you will get an unlimited supply of both.
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  • No Ads. The Crowd Evolution MOD APK 2023 will also eliminate all the annoying ads in the game. You can now focus on evolving your crowd without any interruptions.
  • Unlimited Lives. In this MOD, you will have unlimited lives, which means you can keep playing even if you make a mistake.


Crowd Evolution is an exciting arcade game that challenges you to evolve your crowd and defeat enemies. The game is well-designed, with great graphics and controls. It also offers a clutter-free user interface.

If you want to progress through the game faster, you should download Crowd Evolution MOD APK for Android. It comes with unlimited money, gems, and lives.

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