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If you have always wanted to become a detective, detective masters a game that will make your dreams come true! In this game, you will have to conduct investigations, find clues to solve various criminal cases, find suspects, and question them. What makes it interesting is that you become the “jury and the judge”! after interrogation, you can decide to execute, jail, or free a suspect.

Detective Masters Mod Apk

Detective Masters by Crazy Labs is a parody of the daily work of a detective. Therefore, you will have to punish guilty criminals. You should try and help keep off the community those who rob banks, cause death, accomplices in murder, etc.

Without a doubt, that will require you to have visual and intellectual sharpness to see and decisively see-through suspect’s lies. In levels where you are supposed to investigate crime scenes, you need to fit together puzzles of clues of the happenings of a crime. You can grill suspects with relentless questioning after a thorough collection of clues and evidence.

Become a Super Detective 

If you have been searching for detective games, you will bear witness that they are few. Once you download and play Detective Masters for Android, you will notice that no other game of its caliber. It is one of the most explicit detective games in the gamers’ world.

Most gamers who love mysteries and getting to probe the particular cause of something have Detective Masters on the devices. The game gives the player to unleash detective skills in strong cases, on different levels.

Detective Masters Apk Free Download

As you try and bring justice to the city, you need to become a super detective and do all that detectives do in their daily endeavors. That includes finding clues from crime scenes, gathering evidence, integrating suspects, and giving a final verdict. Thankfully, the game creators have embedded lie detectors on the game that helps you know when a suspect is lying. Altogether, you need to remain patient and cunning!

Detective Masters Features

With Detective Masters, you will become the detective you have always wanted to be. The game presents you with an opportunity to shine and showcase your detective skills. Here are some features that make the Detective Masters game stand out as a leading detective game!

Various Levels with Plenty of Cases – after installing the Detective Masters, you will have tons of cases that you need to solve as they occur. The cases involve solving a murder, a robbery, among others! There are numerous different types of cases and suspects to discover when playing the Detective Masters game.

Lownload Detective Masters For Android

It is worth noting that the game features progressive difficulty in which the player has to solve cases. In most of the levels, the starting point is gathering incriminating evidence at the crime scene. That will lead to the suspects being interrogated until they give a confession.

Discover Clues – The work of a detective is not easy since it requires unfolding mysteries and a lot of hard work. You can take up a detective’s hard task in the Detective Masters and solve crime cases up different game levels. As a detective, you should gather evidence from many crime scenes to implicate the criminals to make this part more interesting, team at Crazy Labs ensures to give you lists of the objects you need to find in the crime scene. Notably, some objects are a bit harder to find and require one to pay attention to detail while some may be in plain sight!

Solve Cases – as a detective, your key role involves catching criminals by first finding clues before interrogating the suspects, and finding out the truth. Without a doubt, this is not a job for the weak-minded! You need a high level of sharpness to play the Detective masters today!

Detective Masters Apk Latest Version

Being one of the best detective games, Detective Masters offers a chance for players to experience the work that detectives engage in in the real world. Here, you will investigate crime scenes, find clues that might have been used in the crime, interrogate suspects and determine if they are lying or not. Moreover, you need to use your judgment ability to choose the appropriate questions and responses. That is the only way you will be able to identify the culprit accurately and put them behind bars!

Interrogate Suspects – One of the primary functions of a detective is to interrogate suspects and rate their feedback. As it is even in the real world, nobody admits to the crime they did! Therefore, you must make them do so. To do this, you need to catch them lying by conversing with them in an interrogation. Remarkably, you can select the question you ask the suspects and internalize their statements and replies. You will see their heartbeat through the polygraph when they are talking and notice when they are lying!

Download Detective Masters Mod APK – Unlimited money and gems

Download Detective Masters Mod APK if you enjoy detective work! Discover all the criminals, gather evidence, and rid the city of these evil minds.

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