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Gacha World APK is a Casual game developed by Lunime. It enables you to create a custom character by choosing from different hats, shirts, faces, weapons, and much more!

It is regularly updated to include new items, events, and features. You can also find special gifts for your friends on some occasions. A recent update added 7-star characters, the rarest and most powerful units in the game.

Gacha World Apk

If you’re looking for a light-hearted mobile game with cute anime characters, then you’ll love Gacha World APK for Android. The gameplay is free, but you may need to use in-game purchases to get certain items.

What is Gacha World APK – Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Gacha World APK is all about collecting and summoning characters. You’ll start by customizing your own avatar.

You can choose from a wide range of clothes, hairstyles, weapons, and accessories to make your avatar look exactly how you want. Once you’re happy with your creation, it’s time to start collecting characters.

You can summon characters using in-game currency earned by completing quests and battles. There is a wide variety of characters to collect, each with its own unique stats and abilities.

As you summon more characters, you’ll be able to form a team to take into battle. The turn-based battles are simple but fun, and you’ll need to strategize if you want to defeat tougher opponents.

Apart from the main quest line, there are also many side quests and events to keep you busy. You can also visit the Gacha World to interact with other players and trade items.

Download Gacha World Apk

The gameplay is easy to pick up, but there’s enough depth to keep you hooked for hours. You can be sure of finding many hours of enjoyment in Gacha World.

New 7-Star Characters – Details

One of the unique features of Gacha World is the ability to summon 7-star characters. Lunime introduced this feature in a recent update, and it has quickly become one of the game’s most popular features.

The 7-star characters are the rarest yet most valuable units in the game. They have unique stats and abilities that make them invaluable in battle.

You will only have a 0.1 chance of acquiring one! If you’re lucky enough to summon one of these characters, you’ll have a huge advantage over your opponents.

These units include Dice, Lulano Skybunny, Shishi, Penelope Coconut, and Phoenix Ami. While they are rare, you can obtain a 7-star ticket that allows you to summon one unit for a limited time without spending in-game currency.

However, you must earn the tickets in Gacha Lotto or buy them at the Event Shop. This may entail using real money and is a risky proposition as there is no guarantee you’ll get the character you want.

Unique Way to Collect Gems

This game uses a unique way to collect gems, making the game unpredictable. You can earn them through:

Gacha World Apk Mod
  • Farming Quests. These quests are available every day and can be completed to earn rewards. The number of gems you earn depends on the quest’s difficulty.
  • You can participate in events to win prizes, which may include gems. The number of gems you can get from an event varies depending on how well you do.
  • Fighting Raid Bosses. This game features powerful raid bosses that appear randomly. When you take them down, you will lot of gems.
  • PvP Arena. You can battle other players in the PvP Arena for a chance to earn gems.

Whichever method you choose, you’re sure to get your hands on some gems. You can then use these gems to buy items in the shop or summon new & powerful characters.

Different Game Modes

Gacha World is highly diverse and offers many game modes to keep you entertained. These include:

  • Story Mode. Here, you’ll follow the story of your custom avatar as they discover the secrets of the world around them. This mode is perfect for those who want to experience the narrative of the game.
  • Tower of Gates. You must climb a giant tower and defeat the powerful enemies within. This mode is perfect for those who want a challenge.
Gacha World Apk For Android
  • PvP Arena. In this mode, you’ll battle other players in real time. This mode is perfect for those who want to test their skills against other human opponents.
  • This mode requires you to participate in special events that take place periodically. This mode is perfect for those who want to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards.
  • Boss Mode. You’ll be challenged to face off against giant bosses. This mode is perfect for those who want to test their strength against the game’s most powerful enemies.

These are just some of the modes available in Gacha World. With so much to do, you’re sure to find a mode that suits your playstyle.

Other Unique Features of Gacha World APK

  • 90+ Characters. This game offers a huge roster of characters to collect. Ensure you get the best units by checking their stats before summoning them.
  • Free to Play. You can play this game for free and unlock all of its features without spending real money. Even better, it supports offline gameplay, allowing you to farm 2 gems with unrivaled ease.
  • Generous Reward System. You can earn 3 gems for every pull, 30 gems for 10+1 Gacha, and 150 gems for 50+5 Gacha. You can use these to customize your hero by buying hats, clothes, and other items from the shop.
Gacha World Apk 2022
  • This game has a Google Play Games leaderboard, allowing you to compare your progress with your friends. See who can collect the most characters and earn the most rewards.
  • Beautiful Artwork. This game features stunning 2D graphics and a colorful cast of characters. The artwork is sure to please anime fans and those who appreciate great art.

Gacha World APK MOD Unlimited Everything

This MOD gives you access to all the Gacha World’s features without spending your hard-earned money. You’ll be able to buy anything from the shop and summon any character you desire.

Additionally, Gacha World APK Max Level gives you access to all the game’s content. This includes the tower of gates, boss mode, and events. You’ll be able to experience everything this game has to offer without grinding for hours on end.


Gacha World is a must-play game for fans of gacha games and anime. It’s packed with content and offers hours of entertainment. With its diverse cast of characters, beautiful artwork, and generous reward system, you’re sure to enjoy every minute you spend playing it.

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