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Download the iQIYI Mod APK 6.3.0 (Free VIP) – Lastest Version 2023 for Boundless Entertainment

A lot of us watch movies and shows on a regular basis since they’re now widely available. But even before the existence of these platforms, we enjoyed K-dramas, Asian movies and a lot of shows from the East through cable subscriptions. These movies and shows are highly addicting for most so they can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, we now have a dedicated place where we can stream all the Asian movies and shows we want called iQIYI! This app has every content you need today and more.

Download Iqiyi Apk For Android

If Netflix is a global streaming platform, this one mainly offers Asian movies, shows and even anime shows. This is great because not many popular streaming platforms today offer many Asian movies and shows. They mostly only feature those that are only popular overseas. But with this app, you can get all the Asian content you need in one place!

Enjoy Asian Content

We love to watch movies and shows no matter where we are in the world. This is one of the means of escaping reality even for a brief moment. Even if you’re not an avid watcher, you’ve at least seen at least one movie or show since childhood. But now, Asian shows and movies are getting more global recognition as they’re being streamed in popular streaming apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and many more. This is good but a lot of good Asian shows and movies aren’t being featured.

Because of that, a ton of streaming platforms that are solely dedicated to Asian content have emerged. One of the most popular of the bunch is iQIYI which is a product of the company with the same name. This app has more than 10 million downloads today which means that a lot of people enjoy Asian movies and shows. With this app, you can enjoy watching popular Asian shows such as 18 Again, Love is Sweet, Make My Heart Smile, Tale of the Nine Tailed, Love Revolution and many more.

Iqiyi Mod Apk

If you’re a big anime fan, you can also get a lot of new anime shows in the app. These include the most popular ones such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, Haikyuu, Digimon, One Piece and many more. Aside from that, you can also watch a wealth of Asian movies such as Soul Snatcher, Rat Disaster, Shanyu Town and more. There are a lot of Korean and Chinese shows in the app as well as variety shows!

Enjoy all of these with different pricing and models. The app also offers multilingual support, subtitles, free downloads, HD experience and more.

iQIYI Features

There are so many Asian movies and shows that we can watch today. Thanks to iQIYI, we can catch them all in one convenient place!

Watch all Asian Movies and Shows – We can watch many movies and shows today anytime we want thanks to streaming apps. From Netflix to Apple TV, we can watch a variety of movies and shows popular worldwide. And although there are a lot of Korean dramas and movies available at these platforms, there are still not enough for the average watcher. Because of this, a lot of streaming platforms tried to offer platforms that would only stream Asian content. One of the most popular and most promising today is iQIYI.

This app houses a lot of Asian movies, shows, anime shows and even variety shows. Because of this, you can get a wide selection of genres and that you don’t need to worry about running out of shows to watch. From the most popular shows to the promising ones, you can watch them right here in the app. It works just like any streaming app but it has additional feature as well.

Iqiyi Apk Latest Version

Popular Asian Shows – With iQIYI, you can stream endless Asian shows. From Korean dramas to Chinese ones, there are no shortage of these shows in the app. Here, you can watch the hottest ones such as Poisoned Love, My Heroic Husband, Love Revolution, The Blooms at RUYI Pavilion, Love is Sweet, Go Go Squid and many more. Basically, you can stream all the popular and hot shows today as well as the promising ones.

Watch Movies – You can also stream Asian movies that are trending in this app. These include the Legend of Shanyu Town, Fall in Love with My King and many more! There are many more movies being updated regularly so you can expect a lot more to watch.

Watch Variety Shows – There are even variety shows available in iQIYI such as Let’s Party, The Rap of China, Youth with You, FOURTRY, Summer Surf Shop, The Big Band and many more. These shows air regularly and you can catch all the latest episodes right here in this app.

Multi-Language Subtitles – iQIYI knows that Asian movies and shows have a global audience which is why they support multiple languages. Here, you can toggle between multiple languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, Thai and many more. With this, you can easily understand what you’re streaming!

Iqiyi Apk Free Download

Download to Watch Offline – If you don’t have an internet connection always, you can still watch your favorite movies and shows! In this app, there’s a feature that allows you to download any video and watch it offline. This is a free feature that you can utilize to your advantage.

Screen Mirroring – If you want to enjoy your favorite Asian movie and show, you can also use screen mirroring! You can cast it to any smart TV so you can start watching on the bigger screen.

Download iQIYI Mod APK – Free VIP

Enjoy the latest and the hottest Asian movies and shows today with iQIYI! Get the free version now and watch without ads.

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