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Life of Mellow is a simulation game developed by MondayOFF. It challenges you to build a highly personalized village from scratch. To help you achieve this, you’ll have a few unlocked items that you can use.

However, you should target to earn more points that’ll help you unlock more sophisticated gaming features.

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This way, you’ll be able to customize your village and ensure that it meets all your desires. If you believe that you can build an exceptional village with limited resources, download Life of Mellow for Android today! It supports Android 7.0 and up.

An Immersive Gameplay

The game offers you an opportunity to build your dream village on an island. You can enjoy its immersive gameplay anytime and anywhere because it’s free of charge! At first, you have to select one of two available modes: survival or creative.

In survival mode, you should prove that you can survive on a deserted island. You’ll have numerous challenges that you must overcome. Ensure that you use the limited resources at your disposal to overcome every difficulty that you encounter. In the process, you’ll also earn points, which will be crucial for gameplay advancement.

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On the other hand, creative mode allows you to unleash your skills and ideas to build a village from scratch. You’ll have access to tools, such as hammers, that’ll help you create a remarkable town or city. This way, you can prove that you have excellent patience and a real eye for detail.

Why You Should Download Life of Mellow?

If you love simulation games, download Life of Mellow APK today! You’ll be able to:

  • Create your dream village and ensure that it meets all your desires;
  • Play in two different modes and enjoy unforgettable moments;
  • Use the limited resources at your disposal to build a stable, self-sufficient village.

Life of Mellow In-App Purchases: Boost Your Progress!

The game offers you the opportunity to get additional items that’ll boost your gaming progress. You can use them to improve individual buildings, unlock new upgrades, and so much more!

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While downloading the game is free, you’ll have a chance of purchasing in-app currencies that can help you unlock better features and improve your gameplay.

The in-app purchases are affordable and only cost $0.99 – $29.99 per item depending on its complexity and usefulness in advancing your gameplay. 

Additionally, you can get rare items from various contests, competitions, and so on. Ensure that you participate in many challenges and complete them meticulously to earn points and treasures.

Unique Features of Life of Mellow 

  • Superior Customization Options

Life of Mellow allows you to build a village using your ideal design and materials. It has numerous customization options and lets you personalize every aspect of the village.

The game comes with adjustable difficulty settings. You can choose your preferred starting point and adjust the level of challenge that you’re comfortable with.

  • Make Money and Explore the Universe

Money is crucial if you want to develop your village at a fast pace and ensure that it meets all your expectations. You’ll need money for:

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  • Purchasing new buildings
  • Expanding the existing ones to make them more functional and decorative;
  • Obtaining materials that will help you unlock better upgrades.

Ensure that you use your money wisely by buying the best equipment to help you complete your mission fast.

  • Highly Realistic Graphics and Sound Systems 

Life of Mellow has a remarkable 3D graphics design. It offers highly realistic details and provides you with an excellent visual experience.

The game also comes with a well-integrated sound system, which can help you remain focused and immersed in the gameplay.

Undertake Many Activities to Make Your Village Beautiful

You can engage in activities such as farming and building to make your village prosperous. You can take care of sheep, chickens, and cows on the farm to obtain important food supplies for villagers.

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Make sure that you construct a well-protected shelter or house for your villagers. This way, they’ll be safe from any danger.

As you progress, your village will become more populated, which will increase the number of jobs that villagers can do. You’ll be able to enjoy many additional activities such as watching for thieves at night or taking care of the sick villagers.

The game has numerous quests and missions that villagers can perform. Ensure that you assign different tasks to the villagers and make sure they complete them on time. This way, you’ll be able to receive considerable rewards, which will help further your progress in the game.

Life of Mellow MOD APK Free Download 

If you want better gameplay with unique features, you should consider getting the Life of Mellow modded version. The modded version is replete with attractive features that can help you advance in the game at an increased pace. You’ll be able to unlock all items without paying any hidden charges.

Life Of Mellow Mood

Furthermore, the Life of Mello MOD APK unlimited money will let you purchase new buildings and upgrades at a fast pace. It also lets you instantly complete any quests and objectives as you play the game.

Even better, the modded version has no adverts. As such, you’ll enjoy a distraction-free experience playing the game without any ads popping up.


If you’re looking for a mobile game that allows you to construct your dream village while enjoying an immersive 3D experience, then Life of Mellow is the right choice for you.

The strategy-based role-playing game allows you to access unique tools that can help you build sophisticated houses fast!

All you have to do is prepare your precious resources, build fantastic buildings, and advance in the game. You can also use our Life of Mellow Mod online tool to get unlimited coins! Use them wisely to develop your village in record time!

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