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Long Neck Run
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Developer: Dual Cat

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Download Long Neck Run Mod APK 3.12.2 for Unlimited Money – Obtain without Cost!

Would you want to play in a game where you’re an place the head high in the clouds? If yes, download and install the Long Neck Run APK by Dual Cat from the google pay store now! Here, you collect many rings and develop the longest neck ever! Here, you need to get to the finish line without knocking off your head and neck or drowning! This interesting game takes place on a runway with unlimited collectible items and obstacles that you should maneuver.

Long Neck Run Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Collect all the rings you can and make your neck as long as possible. Outgrow special species of animals that exist like giraffes or even the extinct dinosaurs. You can also become taller than renowned statures and landmarks like Egyptian pyramids, statures and the tallest and historic buildings in the world like Leaning Tower of Pisa and more. If you believe that this is something you can in your leisure time after a busy and stressful day, collect more and more rings, become taller, and win every game level.

Collect Rings and Grow a Tall Neck

In this amazing arcade game, the player should make the character’s neck so long, surpass the expected height at the end of the game, and win. Note that you have to be crafty in collecting various rolls to achieve the longest neck ever! The runway will have various items to collect. This game comes with some simple controls that only require the gamer control the character to either the right or left. However, it will be great if you avoided the present obstacles that will cut short your long neck and make you lose the game.

Long Neck Run Mod Apk

We can’t fail to mention that there are various game levels that you can play in this game. In addition, every level comes with unique challenges that will provoke your problem solving abilities. The amazing thing is that you will enjoy stunning graphics with smooth movements of the characters as well as a swift change of colors during the game. You should collect the rings of a color similar to that of the character. Otherwise, rings of different color are uncollectable.

Long Neck Run Features

Apart from the hilarious physics that the game has to offer, here are other features that make the game stand out!

Interesting Gameplay – collect all the rings on the runway and make your neck as long as it can grow. However, the gist here is to collect rings of the same color as the character. At some point, you will have to swing like in the famous Temple Run game and collect all the rolls that will make your neck long.

Don’t forget to collect unlimited gems on the runway too. The forward movement of the character is automatic. Maneuver lots of obstacle available in this game like rotating bars, concrete blocks, watery and deep sections, and more. If your fail to maneuver them, you will get to the finish line without the longest neck and you will lose the game.

There are many insane gameplay elements that you should be in the outlook for. Pick all the collectible items to win the game. At the finish line, your long neck will be multiplied several times. This way, you will achieve the longest neck and grow too big to be compared to the tallest animals and statures.

Long Neck Run Mod Apk Free Download

Stunning 3D graphics – minimalist graphics featured here makes it enjoyable to watch all the action in this game. The colors in the game environment come out so vividly. The colors in collectible rings include orange, blue, green, and more. You will witness a sharp and fast change of color as you move the character past the color change points.

Ensure that you collect rings that match the color of the characters to make the neck long. If you fail to do so and attempt to collect rings of another color, your neck will not grow long and your risk losing the game. The graphics also brings out the best in the movements of the characters whose head Is held up high!

Daily Challenges between Players – the game comes with a number of levels that has various challenges that you can pay online against other players. In some levels, you will have to collect rolls that make your neck long. On other levels, you will only collect unlimited diamonds and win the game level with the most gems. You will have to maneuver a watery section by holding your head high with the long neck. Otherwise, you may unluckily drown.

Get Unlimited Money – in this game, you can play and win unlimited money and gems with every level won! You will also collect the more and more gems along the runway. At the finish line, you will get multiplied rewards if you hit the various multiplied long neck targets.

Long Neck Run Mod Apk Latest Version

Unlocked All – outgrow all the available tall animals and statures and unlock more of them to keep challenging yourself. The more you will various levels, the more you keep unlocking more animals and statures

No Ads – this game has no irruptions from annoying ads.

Download Long Neck Run Mod APK – Unlocked Everything

Download the Long Neck Run Mod APK latest version and win unlimited money and gems as you enjoy a great gameplay!

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