Lucid Dream Adventure 2

Lucid Dream Adventure 2
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Developer: Dali Games: adventure games

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Unleash an Enchanting Odyssey with Unlimited Money: Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Mod APK 2.1.4

If you love playing adventure games with a gloomy setting as well as a horrifying storyline, download and play Lucid Dream Adventure 2 now! This is the second chapter of Lucid Dream Adventure that continues the fable of Lucy, a little girl restricted to a wheelchair. However, the kidnapping of her mother by a monster makes her set out on a journey of rescue! Notably, the gameplay is adventurous and full of riddles. You also must open various doors in a hideous cave to locate your mother!

Download Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Apk For Android

This premium game by Dali Games costs about $0.99 on Google Play Store. The main aim of the character is to find and save her mother by discovering the secrets of the Oneiromancer. There are countless hidden objects in the game and traverse the creepy rooms. The game offers interesting gameplay to adults and children. Download the game now and start your expedition of Lucid Dream Adventure, the gloomy dream is awaiting!

Escape the Mysterious Oneiromancer

The Lucid Dream Adventure 2 is a continuation of an adventure puzzle. Here, Lucy (the main character) will once again attempt to find her mother by successfully going through the dark dimensions. In the daunting gameplay, the girls need to find tools that will help them relieve the pain their mother is enduring. The game requires the character to solve several logical problems, survives encounters with wild animals and other dangers. The most noticeable feature in the game is the high-quality graphics that brings out the dark setting of the game.

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Apk Free Download

Will Lucy overcome various killer dangers and nightmares before dark souls possess her mind? Will she get enough time to get around various challenges and save her mother? Will the antique gods assist the little Lucy before a limbo of silent age lands on the dream world? To get answers to all these questions, don’t hesitate to download, install and play this second chapter of Lucid Dream Adventure. Discover the secrets of mysterious Oneiromancer and predict the future.

Features of the Lucid Dream Adventure 2

The game does not only offer great gameplay with engaging puzzles to solve. There are other fascinating features that stand out in this game as follows.

Addictive Gameplay – if you love playing adventurous games with addictive gameplay, this is the right game for you. It is filled with creepy characters and a horrifying storyline. It brings out the best from a gloomy dream world, where Lucy needs to defeat a number of monsters to save her mother. More to that, the game offers new levels that will amuse and test your skills at locating various hidden objects. Players are required to solve the riddles of Angel Metatrone and converse with the antique gods of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Tibet. Along the adventure, players must also attempt to find their way through the legendary but challenging teleports. Download the game now and try to escape the disturbing dream!

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Mod Apk

Solve Various Puzzles – the game comes with a series of thought-provoking puzzles that should be solved to win in various game levels. For example, players must solve the riddle of Angel Metatrone. In addition, one should find a way through the teleport. What’s exciting yet fascinating is talking with the gods of ancient Greece and Egypt in seeking assistance during gameplay. Note that a player should successfully win in various game levels.

Beautiful Hand-Drawn HD Graphics – here, the gamer explores a world that is vividly created with exceptional graphics. As you endeavor to fight the demons that torment your mother, you will pass through a vast game setting that is brought out so clearly with minimalistic 3D graphics. Immerse yourself into a realistic game environment and complete your quests with vigor.

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Apk Latest Version

Simple Game Interface – the game has a simple interface that makes it easy for gamers to play. You can easily see various communication messages pop up on the screen. For example, you can communicate to your mother or even know the thought of the character before taking any action. Also, the settings of the game are on the top of the interface drawn in simple hand-drawn graphics.

Multiple Languages – gamers can enjoy playing this game in different languages. Some of the languages that you can select include English, Russian, among others.

Download Game Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 Mod APK comes with endless and amazing gameplay. There are more features for gamers to unlock and play the game with more tools.

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