Milk Crate Challenge

Milk Crate Challenge
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Developer: Soner Altıncit

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Download Milk Crate Challenge Mod APK 2.3 with Endless Funding

Have you heard about the crate challenge? Have you tried it with your friends? Don’t! It is not an easy challenge and you may end up breaking some bones! Instead, play the Milk Crate Challenge game now and experience the same gameplay on a mobile game with a cool combination of levels with various encounters. Without a doubt, this game has proven to be very hard and risky in real life than it is on this amazing game.

Milk Crate Challenge Mod Apk Download Latest Version

With over 50,000 gamers playing this game now, it is certain that this is a game worth playing. The crate challenge is not only a game people have been playing in recent days but also an exciting contest that makes the storyline in this game. The developer, Soner Altıncit, created the game to offer casual gameplay that is mind challenging from the start to the end!

Dare To Climb the Stack of Crates

The crate Mountain is ready for you! Climb up to the top and down to the ground as the crowd cheers you on. This way, you will prove that you can beat any arrangement of the crates and win unlimited money. Change characters for various levels. If you have enough coins, you can purchase different creates that offer more stability. Take on the series of challenges with the simple controls where you just gently swipe the screen to lift the foot of the charter and make steps. Don’t be rough lest you want your climber to hit the ground hard and you lose the game!

Download Milk Crate Challenge Mod Apk For Android

Take the create challenge on your mobile device now! If you believe in yourself, make it to the top of the milk creates, master the game, and gain fame as a master climber! Here, the crate will be stack in an ascending manner on one side and descending manner on the opposite side for a mountain formation. Participate in the challenge and win lots of money by winning the challenge. Wherever you are, don’t try the challenge in real life because it has proven to be dangerous and bone-breaking!

Milk Crate Challenge Features

Here are some of the most outstanding features that make this game interesting.

Take On the Crate Challenge – take the virtual crate challenge in the Milk Crate Challenge game. Here, you need to complete the various challenges while a crowd is cheering you on the side. However, you should take care since you can fall and break some bones. Every time you fall, you will be required to retake the challenge at that level until you complete it successfully. The beauty of this game is that you will have different characters trying to go over the crates and become victorious.

Milk Crate Challenge Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Simple Controls – with this game, you will play the easiest and exciting climbing game ever! You only have to gently swipe on the screen upward to lift the leg of your climbing hero and drop it when you want to step on the crate. The challenge here is to remain on top of the crates without falling. Ensure you don’t overstretch the legs because you will miss your step on the crate and fall on the ground regardless of you high you are.

Realistic 3D Graphics – here, the stunning graphics will take you to a real world with a realistic game environment. You will be playing this game with a realistic cheering squad of friends in your neighborhood. Besides, you will be trying the challenges in this awesome game in various locations including the parking lot, a playground, a recreation park, and more. All these locations are beautiful and are so clear and vivid courtesy of the intriguing graphics of the game.

Milk Crate Challenge Mod Apk

Various Levels – take on the crate challenge and complete various levels. Each level has a certain number of crates to climb. In the beginning, you will have few crates to climb. But as you progress to advanced game levels, the number of crates you have to climb will increase. Complete every challenge by climbing the crates from one side to the other. Nevertheless, be careful not to miss your step because you will fall down no matter how high you are.

Unlimited Gems/Coins – earn unlimited money and gems with every crate climbing challenge completed successfully. You can also earn unlimited gold coins from watching videos. Invest the unlimited money to unlock more characters and crates.

Download Milk Crate Challenge Mod APK – Unlimited Money

With the Milk Crate Challenge APK, you can earn unlimited money by climbing the mountain of milk crates like a pro.

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