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Download Move People Mod APK 1.34 Free With Unlimited Money

Move People Mod APK latest version includes unlimited money and coins, and all Move People APK files have been updated. You can move your puppets wherever you want! Avoid lasers, make her pretty, cuddle him, make him propose, and make them kiss! A brand-new couple dancing pack! You’re going to love it! Download Move People for Android from our website today!

Move People Mod APK Latest Version Game Play

The gameplay is straightforward, and you can explore a variety of features. There is no need to register to play the game. However, if you want to use more services, creating an account is the best option. Here are the basics:

Move People Mod Apk Download 2021
  • Make her do a split: Move her legs apart by adjusting her legs to a 180 degrees position.
  • Do monkey bars: Once successful, welcome to the jungle.
  • Lift the weights: Balance the weight to unlock your strength.
  • Go up the ladder: Move both the arms and legs of the puppet.
  • Do a jumping jack: Get the puppet in the legs and arms-apart position.
  • Hug pack: Adjust her arms to lock around the boyfriend’s neck to hug him.
  • Be a gentleman: Move to hand her an umbrella.
  • Cuddle him: Move her hip, arms and legs towards him. Unlock VIP movie actress!
  • Make her squat: To reduce her bum size. Make her so hot! You may unlock Tiktok challenges like the milk crate challenge.
  • Make them kiss: Move the puppet’s arms around each other. It’s pretty easy! And fun too!
  • Skip the line: Move her to the front of the ice cream line.
  • Make her flirt: Exchange sweet messages.
  • Take a cute selfie: Adjust her eyelids, cheeks and lips to make her smile.
  • Make her happy: Draw a line to give her a baby bump!
  • Please give her a flower: Move close so she can take it. She loves flowers!
  • Prank him: Move his chair while he’s sitting. Unlock sports; tennis!
Move People Mod Apk Download

Great for Teens and Adults: The simulation game features a couple with a range of fun activities together and as individuals. The recommended age is 12+ to allow teens and adults to understand the importance of intimacy through fun role-playing.

Advantages of Playing Move People APK Unlimited Money

Improved Fine Motor (Eye-hand) Coordination

Youngsters can improve a variety of motor skills by playing with puppets. Teens can improve their hand-eye coordination by playing Move People Mod APK. Playing Move People requires skill. Wearing a puppet improves dexterity by requiring fine movements, and manipulating the puppet with fingers improves fine motor coordination. Because the puppet is made for walking and moving in different directions, marionettes or string puppets help with eye-hand coordination.

Because the child is having so much fun with the puppet, these skills improve balance and directionality. Children can use Move People Mod APK to learn how to control their hands and make them fast enough to unlock the Move People Mod APK Unlimited Money levels.

Emotional Development

In Move People, Children in their teenage years can learn about their emotions through the puppets. The puppets allow players to interact with them to demonstrate their ability to be happy, sad, angry, funny, or jealous.

Download Move People For Android

Gamers can also express these feelings without upsetting others. Their puppet character is the one who is experiencing these feelings. Playing with the puppets’ emotions also aids in the development of sympathy and empathy traits.

When children engage in symbolic play, they also see this type of expression.

Social Development

Through using a puppet, a shy teenager who is still learning social skills can become more sociable. Move People puppet becomes the group’s spokesperson.

Other social skills can be corrected using the puppets’ voices. The puppet takes on the role of teacher, and children frequently enjoy listening to the puppet teach them how to be sociable.

The rules are being set by a funny puppet character, not mom or dad’s voice.

Builds Self Confidence

It’s inspiring to see how handling a puppet helps teens develop self-confidence. They will be happy to entertain family or friends- their confidence grows.

Move People Mod Apk Free Download

The puppet takes centre stage, and with the help of a puppet pal, the player gains confidence in speaking in front of others.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Moving the people requires creativity in moving the puppets around to accomplish tasks. Players that enjoy exploring their imagination but have limited interactions find the free shopping simulation game to be engaging and intriguing. The wide variety of goals to achieve will leave you a dreamer after playing.

Story-telling and Memory Skills

Puppets bring story-telling to life. Memory skills improve by learning how to repeat the rhyming part of the story in Move People.

Puppets can be used as characters in your stories and allow your child to participate in the action.

Intimacy Development

Move People players strive to achieve couple goals as well as personal goals for the puppets. Every interaction with their puppets promotes relationship development. Gamers who are generally shy benefit greatly from the ability to use the puppet as their voice.

Move People Mod Apk Latest Version

A conversation between two puppets is also possible. Controlling a puppet with each hand allows the player to carry on a conversation between two puppet characters.


Move People Mod APK is loved for the huge difference it has with other video games – it appeals to the human side, making the game even more fun to play. Move People Mod APK free download is now available in our website.

Get the most of this unique, fun game with your friends or partner. Accomplish both personal and couple goals together while you unlock the next exciting game levels! Discover and explore new friendly ideas that are sure to help you gain the necessary life skills and goal accomplishments with Move People Mod APK free download!

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