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Get unlimited access to exclusive features with Muslim Pro Mod APK v15.3 (Premium Unlocked) for Android.

Islam is one of the world’s largest religion today with more than 1.8 billion adherents all over the world. Because of this, you can expect to see them in just about every corner of the globe which consists of around 24% of the world population. If you’re a Muslim and you don’t want to miss out on important affairs and prayer times, you must download the Muslim Pro today! This one is recognized by 70 million Muslims around the world today.

Muslim Pro Mod Apk

It’s an app published by Bitsmedia and it’s an accurate one that notifies you of prayer times based on your current location. There are also multiple Azans which are visual and audio notifications that you’ll receive constantly. Moreover, you’ll also be notified of the fasting times during Ramadan each year. More importantly, you can read the Holy Quran right inside the app!

There are many Muslims around the world today as Islam is considered one of the major religions all around the world. There’s approximately 1.8 billion Muslims and they’re made up of different ethnicities and races. If you didn’t know, the Muslims are very strict when it comes to their faith and they hold regular prayer times daily as well as other spiritual rituals. Because of this, it can be hard to keep up when you’re new or you’re a busy person. But thanks to Muslim Pro, you can get everything you need in one app!

Muslim Pro Apk Latest Version

This app is made for Muslims regardless of age and location around the world. Here, you can get accurate prayer times based on your location so you won’t miss anything. In addition, you can read the Quran online and offline so you won’t miss out on your faith wherever you are. There’s also 40+ translations of the Quran so you can read it regardless of your language. More importantly, you can also get notifications to important events today!

Lastly, you can also find Halal restaurants around you easily!

Muslim Pro Features

Are you a devout Muslim? If you are, then Muslim Pro is a must have today. As the world is on a technological era, this app is useful in all aspects.

The Ultimate Muslim App – There are a lot of religions around the world that people affiliated with today. There’s Christianity, Protestants, Hinduism, Islam and many others. Islam consists of roughly 24.1% of our world population today which is the second largest one in the world. Because of this, you may notice that there are Muslims everywhere you go today. And for Muslims, they take their faith seriously wherever they are.

Muslim Pro Apk Free Download

This is why it can be a little confusing for busy people or for people who are new to the religion. Because of this, Muslim Pro was created as the ultimate app for the Muslims. This one contains all the prayer times as it will remind you of it daily regardless of your location. Moreover, you can select from many muezzin voices for the Azan. Also, you can read the Holy Quran and many other important info today.

Prayer Times – Muslims take their faith very seriously. This is why there are many prayer times regularly regardless of where they are. In Muslim Pro, you can get accurate prayer times based on your location! This means that you can also customize the settings so you can get accurate times. The app will remind you of prayer times so you won’t miss out on it.

Fasting Times – Fasting is also an important activity for Muslims all over the world. Because of this, the app reminds all users of the important events ahead of schedule so you can prepare for it. This is also true for Ramadan which is a yearly fasting activity for Muslims all over the world.

Download Muslim Pro Apk For Android

Read the Quran – The Holy Quran is the bible of Muslims. This book contains texts and scriptures that pertains to the faith of Muslims. If you’re a busy person, you don’t need to bring a physical book anywhere you go as long as you have Muslim Pro. Here, you can already read the Holy Quran complete with colored Tajweed and audio recitations. It’s also translated in 40+ languages so you don’t have to worry!

Join the Community – If you’re feeling alone, you can also join the millions of other Muslims in the community to pray for each other. Here, you are free to chat with them and to strengthen your faith together.

Halal restaurants and mosques – You can also get directions and the locations of Halal restaurants and mosques within your area.

Download Muslim Pro Mod APK – Latest version

If you’re a Muslim, Muslim Pro is an essential app to have! It has everything you need to keep your faith.

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