Google Play Music Adds HTML5 Supports

Google Play Music Adds Html5 Supports

Google is known to have to update the music category on Google Play (first Android Market), which is now offered a new control that uses HTML5 is no longer Flash. In addition to these changes, seen also the replacement of a rating system of the ‘thumbs up / down’ into type 5 star rating, like on iTunes. For those who use Chrome, the service also will display the desktop notification.

Features HTML 5 is intended for streaming audio which can operate almost any browser that supports MP3 playback through HTML5, namely Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately the use of Firefox or Opera still can not use this service, because the browser does not support HTML5 MP3 audio. Unfortunately this service has a limit of streaming per day, for a per user, although this limit has not been published even enterprise stated that the service offers unlimited streaming.


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