HTC Flyer Review

Let’s take a closer look at HTC Flyer. Gadgets made ​​by HTC, located in Taiwan’s reliance on the touch screen width of 7 inches, as wide screen that is owned by samsung galaxy P1000 tab. But the Flyers already supports 3D display technology thanks to “HTC Sense”.

“Of course the smart phone has changed our lifestyle. But, after we observe how people use smart phones, computers, and other technologies, we saw an opportunity to create an entirely different tablets. More personalized and productive, “said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC.

HTC Flyer equipped with 1.5 GHz processor, internal memory of 32 Gb and 1 Gb RAM. HTC Flyer has a thickness of 13.2 mm, 195.4 mm length and width of 122 mm.

Htc Flyer Review



The design looks similar to the HTC Desire S. offers a similar design and unibody construction, but enhanced.windshield is black, with the HTC logo at the top (if you hold a portrait) and the camera facing forward along the right panel (and so is designed for use in the landscape, especially) with touch-sensitive buttons along the bottom for the Home, Menu and Back . There is also a green button that activates the pen mode.

The top edge is creaky (to get a hole in the removable SIM card and microSD slot), but the bezel will make you forgive all. This is the first we see on the tablet to the capacitive sport that moves as you do, from the bottom to the side when you move to the landscape. This lovely little touches that make using the Android OS designed for mobile phones all the more easily on a larger tablet.


In terms of display, LCD panel was pleasant enough, with 1024 × 600. color and a respectable point of view, and capacitive touch response.
We can not overstate how different the dimensions of 7-inch tablet is for people like the iPad: You can enter two Flyers to the top of one Apple device, they are that much titchier. Thus, it is much more suitable as anywhere, not on the couch: a smaller size makes typing easier, and 3G connectivity (in the high end model) helps here, too.



There is no question that this is a 7-inch tablet is the best on the market today. Comparison with the IPAD and 10-inch board can be avoided, but only relevant because they are less luxurious kind of product that people want rather than need. If you need something with power and portability you can get away with wearing in the back pocket and not a backpack, this is it.
That said, it is very expensive, and currently, it’s ace missing extra features and potency Honeycomb. If the tablet pocketable super what you expect, we will not blame you for choosing to Galaxy Samsung Gingerbread cheap and fresh, full-Tab instead.


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