Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review

This time we will review the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc which has a larger screen than the Xperia X10 is 4.2 inch. Perhaps in say Xperia Arc is very satisfying and quite different from either the Xperia X10 in terms of design and features. Consider just following our review.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review


Comes as a mobile platform Android 2.3 first from Sony Ericsson, apparently giving more value for Xperia phones Arc. By design, a mobile dimension 125 x 63 x 87 mm, thickness 87 mm and weighs only 117 grams, looks so elegantly wrapped in a metal body with a choice of colors Midnight Misty Blue or Silver. With a view like that, it looks like Sony Ericsson started to introduce to the public that they are able to combine a touch of design and quality material, forming a simple and compact design lines give a modern impression of the firm. At this time the Xperia series, users will find the size of a fairly long and thinness make this phone very comfortable to grip all day. Finishing neat design, making the casing as by-equipped with extra batteries. If we look at the Xperia Arc glimpse of the face, you will get three haptic buttons below the screen, ie: back, home and search.


Right at the very top of the phone have an HDMI port that serves to connect the Xperia Arc application view to a larger screen. In addition, there is an HDMI port next to the power button which also functions as a screen lock. Around the body there are volume control buttons. To listen to the song, Xpria Arc is also equipped with audio jacks 3.5 mm. Being at the rear, attended by 8 megapixel camera lens and flash, which can be used to capture your precious moments. Audio speakers can also be found under the camera lens.



The screen is very wide, 4.2 inches in size. LED-backlit capacitive support on this phone also can deliver the quality of 16 million colors, resolution 480 x 854 pixels, which makes this phone has a rich user interface. Due to its capacitive nature, the display also supports multi-touch system to ease the process-in zoom-out on the screen. Beside rich colors are sharp, clear and pixel density is good, the interface Xperia Arc has the support of interesting personalization features of Sony Ericsson. This combination makes the display more diverse, according to the wishes of user. Don’t forgotten, accelerometer technology and Sony’s Bravia Mobile will make you more comfortable viewing a high-quality graphics available on this phone.


For the camera, the Sony Ericsson which have long been known to bring good results. In fact, when tested 8 megapixel camera, 3264×2448 pixels which is equipped with autofocus and LED flash, making this phone is capable of capturing a variety of different lighting objects in maximum results, although the objects are in low lighting conditions. Apparently that makes it so special is the sensor technology Exmor R camera lens f 2 / 4 can deliver maximum lighting during low-light conditions.



The battery capacity of a smart phone is expected in the resilience of the old used to access all kinds of existing features in dalamnya.Baterai Xperia Arc included in the thin category. However, the battery is capable of performing seven hours talk / 430 hours standby.


There is absolutely no denying that it is very well designed phone with dimensions nearly impossible. A thin dangerous entity that remains strong no mean feat. I liked some of the little touches – the way that the text message conversation bubbles appear in the animation and the way images can be zoom-in contacts during a call. It adds a little power. I love the camera. Clear pictures and no need to stand still when you snap them either. Constant focus during the shoot is a welcome and unexpected bonus and really helped to produce a clear record that can be placed into a family movie. This is one of my first cell phone to see who will ultimately make the HD cam-Corder excessive. Honestly, how to straighten wavy footage and put it handled low light there is in addition to HD video camera Flip. Still images are surprisingly good – the camera really live up to promises.


There are some problems though. I still miss predictive dial. I want to be able to lock in the dial by name and only first three characters. Fortunately there are free applications such as Dialer One to easily get you out of this. My only other niggles with the system Timescape, which is not as useful as it should and in places it does not feel like a complete package. But really, I’m nit-picking here.

However, with this blistering benchmark set up the phone, by design, curved sections and bright, clear view that we just love to hold and carry around. I want to mention that the camera again. It’s brilliant. This is absolutely brilliant. This is an excellent phone.


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