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Pencil Rush 3D
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Download the Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK version 0.8.34 for access to unlimited in-game currency and an ad-free gaming experience.

By now, you may have played hundreds of racing games since there are just so many. But have you ever tried playing one where you are a colored pencil that races through the track filled with obstacles? In Pencil Rush 3D, you’ll try to evade many objects that are blocking your way. You’ll also need to collect different pencils along the way to strengthen your forces!

Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk

This game is a masterpiece by Gismart and it has seen more than a million downloads. This has become popular since it isn’t your typical racing game. Instead, you’ll try to collect as many colored pencils to your collection while going through a series of obstacle courses. Each of these courses are filled with dangerous objects that can wipe you out in seconds.

Color Your Way

Are you fond of playing racing games which involves obstacle courses? This category seems to be the trend today in Google Play Store. Dozens of games have similar play styles like this but have different mechanics. In Pencil Rush 3D, you’ll play in a group of colored pencils just dashing your way through numerous levels. But be careful as there are a lot of impediments in the way.

Pencil Rush 3D Apk

If you’re creative and fast enough, you can complete the levels in this game. But even so, there are different obstacles such as glasses, pots, pins, and many more. But there are also a lot of scattered colored pencils that you can pick up. This will allow you to earn more rewards! This is because at the end of the level, you’ll paint a picture using the collected colored pencils. The more pencils you have, the faster you can complete the picture and get the reward! Do you have what it takes to complete these challenging levels?

Highlights of Pencil Rush 3D

It isn’t hard to race through a course that doesn’t have any obstacles. But what if there are many? In Pencil Rush 3D, you’ll have more challenges than just that!

Play as colorful pencils – Do you believe that you can race through an obstacle course as colored pencils? In Pencil Rush 3D, you will definitely enjoy a fresh obstacle course game! Here, instead of the usual characters, you’ll need to collect different colored pencils along the way and avoid many objects. If you bump into them, you’ll lose some or all of your colored pencils! But as long as you have one remaining, you can finish the level. Obviously, it’s better to have as colored pencils at the end to receive greater rewards. That’s the main challenge in this game!

Pencil Rush 3D Apk Free Download

Complete the levels – If you though that the game is easy, that’s because you’re just at the first levels! It gets harder the more you complete though. There will be more obstacles, longer tracks, lesser colored pencils and more challenges! This is a game that will test your reflexes and quick thinking. But don’t bother thinking for too long as you’re bound to lose a few colored pencils along the way. Don’t panic as you can always get more from the scattered ones on the floor.

Receive rewards by completing the pictures – At the end of the levels, you’ll need to complete different pictures. Paint the picture using the left-over colored pencils that you got. Depending on how many you have, you may or may not complete the picture! But once you do, you’ll receive money as a reward! The rewards depend on the picture but it gets bigger the more levels you complete.

Download Pencil Rush 3D Apk For Android

Challenging obstacle course game – Pencil Rush 3D is a unique obstacle course game that’s suited for those who love arts the most. It’s got the best colored pencil designs and animations. You will literally leave a trail of colors as you traverse through the courses! Enjoy this game while it’s still hot!

Download Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Do you love arts and racing? Play Pencil Rush 3D today and get the best of both things!

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