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Download Stick Cricket Live Mod APK 2.1.7 (Unlimited Money) for 2023 – Get the Latest Version Now at AndroidShine.Com!

Stick Cricket Live APK is a dynamic sports app released by Stick Sports Ltd. The game incorporates all the features of a regular cricket game, ensuring you enjoy a near-real experience.

The game also incorporates a card system, where you can use cards to unlock special bats and bowlers. Ensure you build a powerful deck of cards, allowing you to access exceptional skills whenever you need them.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk

Its graphics are also top-notch, giving you a realistic view of the action. The stadiums are well-detailed, and you can see the crowd in the background cheering your team. This adds to the game’s fun factor making it one of the most enjoyable cricket games out there.

If you are looking for a dynamic sports app combining action and thrill, Stick Cricket Live APK for Android is perfect. Download it and unleash your full potential on the virtual cricket ground today!

Stick Cricket Live APK – Background Story

Cricket is the leading sport in Asia, and its popularity continues to grow globally. Millions of people tune in yearly to watch cricket matches and support their favorite teams, from national squads to professional clubs.

Stick Cricket Live brings all the action right to your mobile device, allowing you to enjoy all the excitement and intensity of the sports on the go. It was developed by a renowned gaming studio, Stick Sports Ltd, and is one of the best cricket games available today.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk Download

It uses advanced physics and graphics to create an immersive experience. It will teleport you to a virtual stadium, allowing you to bat or bowl against another player in real time. This way, you’ll forget the fact that you’re playing an app and immerse yourself in the game.

Exceptional Features of Stick Cricket Live APK

  • Customize Your Character. The personalization options in the game are endless, allowing you to create your cricketing avatar. You can give it a unique look and choose from various cricket bats, helmets, gloves, and more. This way, you can stand out among other players and feel like a true professional.
  • Card System. The game also incorporates a card system that allows you to unlock special bats and bowlers. Each card is assigned with different skills, allowing you to build your arsenal of cricketing weapons. You can then use these cards during a match, making it easier to score runs and take wickets.
  • 3D Stadiums. The stadiums are highly detailed, featuring beautiful grassy grounds and cheering crowds in the background. The lighting and shadows will make you feel like you’re right on the field.
Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk Unlimited Money
  • 1vs.1 Multiplayer Gameplay. You will go head-to-head against a competitive player in real-time. As such, you must employ strategies and use your cricketing skills to outsmart your opponent. You can watch replays of each game, allowing you to analyze your performance and improve your gameplay.
  • Earn Kitbags. The game offers rewards every time you complete a level or win a match. This allows you to earn kitbags that contain valuable items, such as powerful bats and bolsters. This way, you can access the best cricket gear and use it to crush your opponents on the field.
  • Take on Facebook Friends. If you want to test your skills against your friends, the game allows you to invite them via Facebook. Once they accept and join a game, you can battle it on the field in an epic 1vs.1 match. This adds a human touch to the gameplay and allows you to enjoy the fun of cricket with your friends.

Stick Cricket Live vs. ICC Cricket Mobile

In the cricket world, there are many high-profile tournaments taking place. You can even watch these events on TV or in a stadium, cheering for your favorite team. If you want to enjoy the game on your mobile, you need a dependable cricket app.

In this section, we compare Stick Cricket Live with ICC Cricket Mobile, some of the top cricketing apps available today. We use several criteria to compare the two apps:

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond
  • Gameplay. Cricket is a technical game that depends on precise skills and tactics. Therefore the app you choose must have intuitive controls and engaging gameplay.
  • Customization Options. Your avatar and gear are a critical part of the overall experience. A cricketing app must provide customization options to create a personalized character and access top-quality gear.
  • Graphics and Visuals. The app must be designed with high-quality graphics and visuals. Not only does this add to the overall immersive experience, but it also helps you better focus on your game.


Stick Cricket Live and ICC Cricket Mobile offer highly engaging gameplay, with intuitive controls and exciting features. However, we feel the latter has an edge in this area, as it is based on the International Cricket Council (ICC). As such, it lets you interact with real-world players and teams while providing access to one of the largest cricketing leagues in the world.

On the contrary, Stick Cricket Live is designed with a more casual approach in mind. It offers fun and engaging gameplay but lacks the intensity of ICC Cricket Mobile. Additionally, it includes a card system and allows you to unlock powerful bats and bowlers, further enhancing your gameplay.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk Latest Version

As such, the game you choose will depend on how realistic and competitive you want your cricketing experience to be. Overall, we feel that ICC Cricket Mobile is a better option for those who want more immersive and competitive gameplay.

Customization Options

Both Stick Cricket Live and ICC Cricket Mobile offer customization options. With Stick Cricket Live, you can create a personalized character by choosing gender, skin tone, hairstyle, and clothing. You can also unlock powerful bats and bowlers as you progress.

Unlike Stick Cricket Live, ICC Cricket Mobile provides access to real-world players and teams from some of the biggest tournaments in the cricketing world. This allows you to create a personalized avatar inspired by real-world players and gives you access to high-quality gear.

Besides, ICC Cricket Mobile offers different game modes, including Tournament, Test Match, ICC Vault, and Super Over. This allows you to vary your gameplay and keep things interesting for longer.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk For Android

Overall, we feel that ICC Cricket Mobile is the better option when it comes to customization options. It offers more varied avatars, gear, and game modes.

Graphical Quality and Visuals

Both games offer high-quality graphics and visuals that help you stay immersed in the game. The developers of both apps have put a lot of effort into creating realistic playing environments and characters that move with real-world physics.

The ICC Cricket Mobile app has been designed with 3D graphics and detailed visual animations. It also offers a range of camera angles and provides access to videos of real-world matches. 

In contrast, Stick Cricket Live has slightly simpler graphics designed to provide a more casual gaming experience. This makes it a better choice for those who want to focus 100% on the gameplay.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk 2022

Overall, we believe both games offer high-quality visuals, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference when choosing between them. You’re guaranteed crisp graphics and engaging gameplay in either case.

Which Game Do You Prefer?

I prefer ICC Cricket Mobile over Stick Cricket Live. I find the graphics and visuals of ICC Cricket Mobile to be more realistic and immersive, which helps me stay focused on my gameplay. Additionally, the app offers access to real-world players and teams, which adds an element of competitiveness that I find appealing.

What to Expect in the Future?

The cricket world is constantly evolving, and it is safe to assume that both ICC Cricket Mobile and Stick Cricket Live will continue to improve. Both apps are likely to offer more competitive gameplay, allowing access to even more real-world players and teams.

Furthermore, we may see improvements in terms of customization options. For example, ICC Cricket Mobile may offer more varied avatars and gear, allowing you to create a more personalized gaming experience.

Stick Cricket Live Apk

Overall, it will be exciting to see how both apps evolve and improve over time. Besides, we hope they continue to be available on all major mobile platforms, allowing everyone to enjoy them regardless of device type.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Download

The Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamond version allows access to premium features for free. It is a great way to get ahead in the game and enjoy all the best gear, avatars, and customization options without worrying about spending real money.

Besides, the Stick Cricket Live MOD APK for Android allows you to unlock new levels and progress through the game faster. It also removes ads, ensuring a smoother, more seamless gaming experience.


Playing cricket is a fun way to stay active and compete with others. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, there are many great cricket games available on mobile that you can enjoy.

Stick Cricket Live APK offers an immersive gaming experience for all enthusiasts. It features realistic graphics, well-thought-out challenges, and many customization options. This way, you can get into the game and put your skills to the test.

Besides, you can download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK 2023 to gain access to premium features and level up faster. The MOD is super-optimized to offer the best user experience, allowing seamless and enjoyable gameplay.

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