Stickman War Legend of Stick

Stickman War Legend of Stick
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Developer: Merkury Games

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Stickman games were one of the most popular mobile games back then. Today, they remain a legend in the mobile gaming sphere. If you’re looking for the most fun stickman game today, try Stickman War Legend of Stick! This is a game published by Merkury Games which has over a hundred thousand downloads today.

Stickman War Legend Of Stick Mod Apk

In this fun and addictive game, you’ll get to play a ton of game modes such as Campaign Mode, Survival and Online mode. In the campaign mode, you’ll try to extend your territory by fighting against different opponents! Then, try to survive in the survival mode and get tons of rewards. Lastly, fight against real opponents in the Online mode! There are a bunch of heroes to use, new locations and fun action scenes to enjoy. Defend your tower against multiple enemies now!

Addictive Tower Defense Game

Who can’t forget the popular stickmen and tower defense game in the early days of smartphones? They were all over the Google Play Store! Now, partake in an intense and modern tower defense game called Stickman War Legend of Stick. This action game lets you play with tons of different warriors and train them. You can conquer different lands such as Rome, Troy, Asia, Egypt and many more! Collect resources and fight against hordes of enemies!

Stickman War Legend Of Stick Apk Latest Version

In this game, you’ll only be managing your troops as you’re safe on your castle. You just need to deploy different troops such as archers, swordsmen, miner and more! You can also upgrade them so they can do more! You can increase their mining efficiency, power and speed! Aside from that, you can also upgrade your tower so it has more health! With so many game modes to play, you’ll never run out of action-packed situations to play in. Deploy troops to stop the enemies from invading you. There are a lot of bonus levels that you can utilize too!

Features of Stickman War Legend of Stick

Are you itching to play a mobile game about stickmen? Download Stickman War Legend of Stick today and live the life of a castle owner.

Conquer different lands – Do you think that stickmen and tower defense games are the best combinations? If you do, then you’ll like Stickman War Legend of Stick! This is a new stickman game that has a modern take on the popular game mode. In this one, you can conquer a lot of lands such as Egypt, Asia, Troy and even ancient Rome! Indulge in medieval battles that will test your war strategies to the max! Don’t falter and try to subdue the enemies with your numbers and strength. Here, you won’t be fighting directly, rather, you’re in charge of deploying troops and collecting resources! Try to Collect resources first so you can increase your manpower and troops!

Stickman War Legend Of Stick Apk Free Download

Plenty of game modes – Strategy and action games are always so much fun to play. Stickman War Legend of Stick allows players to participate in many game modes so they don’t get bored easily. Because of that, you can play in Campaign Mode, Survival Mode and Online Mode! The Campaign mode is the main one where you will try to capture many lands. Play in medieval settings and fight against plenty of enemies roaring the lands. Here, there are unique tasks that you need to finish and you can win using battle tactics! Then, there’s the Survival Mode where you will try your best to hold out as much as possible. There will be plenty of enemy waves but you just need to hold out as much as you can. Your rewards will depend on how long you can hold out! Lastly, the Online Mode pits you against other players online! These are real players so you can expect the difficulty to go higher. See who’s the strongest army in the world now!

Different heroes to play – In this game, there are plenty of heroes to play. There are a lot of new and unique characters to play in that you can unlock. Here, the are swordsmen, archers, miners, magicians, carts, giants, cavemen and more! Unlock more of them to be able to fight against powerful enemies in different game modes.

Download Stickman War Legend Of Stick Apk For Android

Upgrade troops and tower – Here, you can upgrade your troops and towers! This will help you get more powerful troops and you can increase your attack power overall.

Amazing animations and stunts – Stickman War Legend of Stick is an amazing game with plenty of heroes. The design of the game is modern and it has unique stunts as well.

Download Stickman War Legend of Stick Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Stickman War Legend of Stick is an incredible tower defense game you can play today! Conquer different lands now!

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