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Stone Miner
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Developer: ZPLAY Games

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Experience the richness of Stone Miner with Stone Miner Mod APK 2.13.6, featuring boundless in-game currency and precious stones for an unparalleled adventure.

Prepare yourself for a great underground mining adventure. Drill through the earth’s surface and search for precious stones and valuable metals. To gain efficiency, ensure you buy and upgrade your vehicles along the way.

In the Stone Miner simulation game by ZPLAY Games, your job is to mine for unlimited amounts of stones in various islands and ground now. Here, you will be mining stones using heavy machineries and vehicles. Later, you can sell the rocks and enjoy the increasing income.

Stone Miner Mod Apk

Have fun crushing all the stones mined using your truck. Don’t tire to go around the vast island mining different colors and types of precious rocks. The more income you earn, the more money you can acquire and the more you can spend on purchasing new trucks or upgrading existing trucks! You also can have fun upgrading other things in this game today. Download this interesting game, drill deeper, and extract as many expensive stones as possible.

Enjoy Mining Valuable Stones

If you’re a gamer who doesn’t take pleasure in playing the same old games, then here comes a fun simulation game that will excite you. The gameplay here comes with lots of missions that make you a mining tycoon. You will earn a lot of money by mining gems and precious rocks. You will have heavy machineries that should help you perform the risky mining works easily and faster.

Download Stone Miner Mod Apk For Android

You can play this game for hours without getting bored because comes with interesting game levels that require your attention. Without a doubt, you will be directly involved in mining and driving big rig wheeler trucks on dangerous roads. You will also operate numerous excavator rock-mining cranes.

Experience how it is controlling heavy machinery in rock this enthralling mining game. Work with machines such as heavy surface drillers, excavators, gigantic bulldozers, stonecutters, etc. Become an expert driving all of these heavy vehicles while working hard to get all the stones you can. To locate the areas with higher potential of more quantities of stones, use the giant map.

Features of Stone Miner Game

The game comes with adjustable controls, a check the options menu, and a simplistic map that appears randomly at the start of every new game level.

Stone Miner Mod Apk Free Upgrade

Prove Your Mining Skills – showcase your skills in controlling gigantic machines in this rock mining games. Drill using stone drillers, use heavy excavators to break stones, and complete process by moving the extracted stones with cranes. Drive off-road the mining sites and take the stones to a storage from where you can sell them easily.

You should divide big rocks into small stones and load raw material over the cargo loader with a forklift and a construction crane. Drive loader truck over off-road mines and prove your driving skills as well as prowess in mining in this amazing mining game.

A Variety of Machines – this game allows the player to control a variety of heavy vehicles and machineries. There will be load truckers, Trucks, excavators, stone drillers, bulldozers, stonecutters, and more. It is important to upgrade more machineries and purchase more if you accumulate more unlimited money. Shop for more upgradable vehicle parts, make the upgrades, and obtain efficiency.

Stone Miner Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Various Levels – the developer, ZPlay Games, made sure they include many levels in this is a game. Every level has a unique challenge that lets you enjoy doing a lot of stuff today. Here, many countless levels allow you to mine stones that have colors, textures, and prices.

Get the game now, start enjoying many levels, and earn lots of money as you do. You can then upgrade different parts of your machineries so that you can pick up more stones faster.

Trade With the Stones – If you love doing business where you sell expensive stones or mined items, then you’ll definitely love playing this game. Here, the game will allow you to learn what it takes to run a prosperous mining business. You can sell the stones you have mined in here.

Stone Miner Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Feel free to mine as many stones as possible and sell them here to earn unlimited money. If you need to build a business empire in this game, you will need to have more money than you can keep reinvesting your business today!

Upgrade Your Machineries – In this game, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle constantly so you can carry more stones and mine faster. There are many things to upgrade here, such as the grinder, truck, and rail cart.

Download Stone Miner Mod APK – Unlimited money and gems

Enjoy mining gameplay now by downloading Stone Miner APK now. Install the Stone Miner Mod APK mine all sorts of stones, sell them, and make unlimited money!

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