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Developer: Electric Monkeys

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Unlimited Money and Gems with Time Factory Inc Mod APK 0.15.9 Download for Android | AndroidShine.Com

Electric Monkeys welcomes you to a fascinating world where you establish your own factories across the globe. The Time Factory Inc game is a casual clicker game where you become a tycoon with various manufacturing plants. Here, you will be able to produce necessary goods and products that have a high demand in the market. However, you will need to have a very unique strategy to increase production, income and ultimately increase the number of factories you have around the world.

Time Factory Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Money

At the beginning of the game, you will have to start your production plant in an ancient era of cave dwellers. Then, you will start your first factory and start producing various goods and valuable resources of all sorts. To do this, you will need to gradually procure more manufacturing equipment and employ workers who will help you with routine activities in the factories. To play the game, you just need to tap on the screen. You can also click to speed up production. As you progress in advanced game levels, ensure you get more efficient and earn more money.

Become a Boss and Run Your Factories

Compared to most manufacturing simulation games, Time Factory Inc has a more hard start. That is because you need to learn how to operate various machines within no time. The game offers over 20 machine types of machines that have various uses. In addition, each machine is suitable for the production of specific items. Therefore, the choice of machines in the game is also paramount. You will also note that the production machines should work in line and automation to meet the basic requirements of mass production.

Time Factory Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

With the best machines and more factories, you can increase your overall income multiple times. You should strive to gain automaticity in all your processes. Besides, you should invest funds, hire more managers and workers, as well as buy various amplifiers. Aim at completing every level and mission by reaching the maximum development of the factory(s). Unlock more levels and have the chance to make more money. Download the Time Factory Inc game and give a shot at becoming the world’s richest factory owner in the world!

Features of Time Factory Inc Game

The game comes with various features that make it interesting and enjoyable. Read on to get more details of these features.

Build Your Factory – this simulation game offers the players a chance to create their own manufacturing plants. Here, gamers gain the ability to automate production processes and manufacture various products. After making sufficient money and gems, the gamers can then expand their business and build a bigger factory or even more factories at different locations. The most interesting thing about Time Factory Inc is that gamers will be able to expand the factory up to a point of selling their factory! That sounds ridiculous, but it’s possible.

Time Factory Inc Mod Apk

With the right attitude, you will grow your factory and increase your income. It will be daunting at the beginning, but will slowly change to an interesting endeavor every time you do it. You can build a large factory as you wish. Download the game now and join over 500,000 people who are enjoying playing this game now.

Earn Unlimited Money & Gems – with every game level won, there are unlimited coins to win. In addition, you need to produce as many things as possible to earn more money from sales. As in the real practice of sales and marketing, you need to ensure that you continually improve the product quality. That way, you will get many retail customers and make more profit. Know the secrets of your competitors and know how to cleverly adjust them and make them more profitable to your factory.

Time Factory Inc Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Produce a Variety of Goods – the manufacturing process will start immediately after you acquire the right machines. Then, you can begin producing thousands of finished products. You will have more than 90 different types of products that you can make in this game. The attractive thing about the game is that it gives the player the liberty to choose the items to manufacture including home appliances, toys or even cars, smartphones, motorcycles, and more. Download this game now, build a large factory, produce, package and sell a variety of stuff for cash!

Acquire or Upgrade Machines – with the earned unlimited money, you can purchase a new machine or even upgrade the exciting ones. Remember, your effectiveness in the production line depends on the efficiency of the machines you put in place. Besides, the quality of products made will also be affected by the types of machines you have. So, always remember to upgrade the old machine and buy new ones to avoid production stoppages. Actually, you will diversify and be able to unlock more products.

Time Factory Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Mini-Games – you will be able to participate in interesting mini-games such as the Tap the Gold and Get the Money challenge and others. Notably, this is a very difficult challenge and you require to have earned a certain amount of money to play this mini-game. However, you will receive valuable medals once you play it and become victorious.

Control With Quick Clicks – this is one of the few manufacturing simulation games that have extremely easy controls. To make orders, you need to check them from the left side of the screen. Then, make high-quality products within a given period.

Download Time Factory Inc Mod APK – Unlimited Money & Gems

With the Time Factory Inc Mod APK, you can manufacture many types of products and earn unlimited money and gems in addition to the hefty income you will get from sales.

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