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Truth Runner
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Developer: TapTek

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Truth Runner by TapTek is a casual game where players will control characters that and help them choose from extreme or balanced personalities. You can play as a girl, boy, rich and cool kid or as a poor person. What kind of personality will you prefer in this game? That is should you will have to decide in Truth Runner. Control a girl as she goes through the runway while continually having to make decisions.

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At the beginning of each level, you will be given two options and will have to collect various items along the way based on the personality you choose. What you collect on the runway will reflect your personality at the end of every level. Download Truth Runner and make decisions that will determine your nature.

Play in a Fashionista Gameplay

This game involves swiping on the screen to control the main character, in a similar fashion to an endless stylish runner. You will have to grab a number of items along the runway that will define how your personality. The primary objective is to get to the finish line and determine whether you be able to keep to our original choice or you will end up somewhere in between.

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There are all sorts of tests here such as becoming the tomboy or girly girl, the good girl or bad girl, rich or poor, or even mature or immature. The game is all about being fast and true to your reactions. Just download this game now and enjoy an arcade game like no other. Join the thousands of gamers playing the game now!

Truth Runner Features

This game comes with exceptional features that make it interesting. Here is a highlight of some of them.

Exciting gameplay – Play in a game where you have lots of things to collect and transform your character. At every level, you will have a prompt telling you what you require to do. What is your role in your army? Are you a soldier or commander? Determine your fate by playing the game now.

Truth Runner Mod Apk

Before you press on start, you already know what you need to do and transform your character into various personalities like a soldier, lieutenant, commander, model, and more. However, the gist in this game is that you don’t really change the character into an army personnel.

What the game requires is to measure your level of influence among girls and boys your age. Completing the game as a commander shows you are the most influential person among your peers.

Different Role Playing – in some game levels, you will play as either a girl or a tomboy. You can also play as a rich or a poor kid. Notably, girls are of several types. Some come as girly girls, while some are complete tomboys. Others are in between types. So, what kind of girl or boy will you choose to be?

On other game levels, you can find out if you’ll be rich or poor! Find out the truth in what people say that money can’t buy you happiness! So let’s find out if your money is enough to transform your character from a poor to a rich kid! Test your true self and explore the feeling of playing different roles and personalities in this game!

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Various Collectible Items – on the runway, the game offers various objects that contribute to the transformations of the character. Collect the items that will make you stylish, have a good scent, and acquire new and classy clothes. For example, you can collect video cameras, make your trendy, elegant, and match like a model.

Additionally, you can also collect some beautiful flowers that will enhance your fragrance! If you collect books, you will become a learned character and be dressed in a graduation gown. On the other hand, it will be prudent to avoid collecting the items that will make you disgusting.

Minimalistic Graphics – this game comes with some great yet minimalistic graphics that makes it enjoyable. The movement of the character is very realistic and smooth. We can’t fail to mention the vast and colorful game environment that offers various collectible items.

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Simple Controls – this game comes with easy swipe-to-play controls that only require you to swipe the screen to the right or left to control the character.

Many Levels – this game offers the player many game levels that come with different challenges. At every level, you need to make changes to the character based on the instructions given at the beginning of the level.

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With the Truth Runner Mod APK, you will play interesting gameplay where you discover how it feels to be a different person. Earn unlimited money now!

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