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Download the Free Drunk Lyrics Game App Version 1.0 for Android Devices

Drunk Lyrics is a social game that you can play with your friends online. It challenges you to sing the most songs within 30 seconds.

The game utilizes cards that come with different words. When you pull a card, you’ll be required to sing a song that includes that word.

Drunk Lyrics Game App

Your assignment will be to pull as many cards as you can within 30 minutes. The catch is that the lyrics will be confusing and you require unmatched accuracy to remember a correct song. Download Drunk Lyrics Game online and try your luck. It’s fun!

How to Download Drunk Lyrics Game Phone App

To download Drunk Lyrics obb, you should enable download from unknown sources by navigating to your setting section. This enables you to download applications from third-party websites without hassle.

Once you enable that, you should find an application named Drunk Lyrics from a reliable source/website. You should then tap on the download link to initiate the installation process. After it downloads, you can open the Drunk Lyrics Game files and install them.

Drunk Game Lyrics Odb

After installation, open the application and start playing!

How to Play Drunk Lyrics Game

Playing Drunk Lyrics is simple. The rules are easy to understand and the gameplay is fun.

You’ll be required to pull cards from a deck containing one word per card that appears in the song you’re singing. Once you draw a card, you should sing a lyric and include the word on your card. You can choose any song on the app to sing from, but you have only 30 seconds to do so.

The goal is to pull as many cards as possible until the clock runs out of time. So, if you’re good at singing or rapping, chances are that you’ll win this game!

Drunk Lyrics Game On Iphone

If you don’t think of any song at that particular time, you’ll be at liberty to skip the card. Who knows, you could just be aware of the next song. Try as much as you can to sing many songs within your 30 seconds.

Rules of Playing Drunk Lyrics App on iPhone or Android

If you want to succeed in your gameplay, you must follow these basic rules to the letter:

  • All Songs Must Be Real. Games with words that don’t exist are not allowed.
  • All Songs Must be Lyrics-Friendly. You need to understand what you are singing, even if it’s not the actual song. If you don’t know the lyrics, let’s pick another one!
  • No Repeats. You can’t repeat the same song over and over again even if it’s your favorite song.
  • All Songs Must Be Unique. All songs must be different from each other, with no repeats in their lyrics, even with subtle variations.
  • You Can Pass on Cards. You can choose to skip a card if you don’t know the song. However, once you pick up a card, it can’t be skipped!
  • You Can Divide Into Two Teams or Play Individually. One teammate can go per round. However, teammates will not be allowed to help each other during the rounds.
Drunk Lyrics Game Apk
  • You Can Choose the Number of Rounds to Play. You can play several rounds as you wish. However, you must be the only one singing on each card.
  • There Are No Rounds for Everyone. If there are no players, games will not start automatically – they will wait until a player or team joins.
  • If You Forget the Lyric of Your Song, Repeat it! Within your 30-second time frame, if you forget how your song begins or ends, then repeat it. You can even try to imitate the singer’s voice! This is allowed in this game, but not in real life.
  • You Must Follow The Rules of Each Game Type. Different rules apply to different game types. Don’t worry – you will be informed when you join a new type of game so you will know what to do.
  • Try To Sing As Close as Possible to The Original Song. The app will give you a score for each word that is close enough. Don’t worry if you don’t have a good voice – just try singing with enthusiasm!

What to Do When You Pull a Blank Card

When playing drunk lyrics game app android or drunk lyrics game app iPhone, you can easily pull a blank card.

When that happens, you’ll get an opportunity to choose any word that you can think of for your opponent. Or, you can choose to skip the round.

Highly Engaging Gameplay

You can just sit back and relax, and yet still have fun and win the game.

Drunk Lyrics Game

Playing drunk lyrics app is not all about singing. After drawing a card with a word on it, you need to think of which song would include that word in its lyrics.

Good thing, this app has a search function where you can easily find that song and sing it! There’s also a timer to keep track of your time.

Easy Controls and Beautiful Graphics 

The screen is filled with colorful button controls because there are no obstacles in your way to stop you from singing the lyrics. Also, it’s easy to navigate to the songs screen.

You can easily switch between your current game and the previous one if you need to take a break for any reason, like fixing yourself a drink or changing partners if you are playing with group mates.


Drunk lyrics game download is everything you need to kill boredom. The game is designed for having fun anytime, anywhere. Being able to find any song’s lyrics on the app is a bonus! Drag-and-drop functionality also makes it easy to switch between cards without delay.

The game features simple yet engaging gameplay with an emphasis on singing ability and talent. You don’t have to worry about being judged because there are no rules about having a good voice – just have fun!

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