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Granny Outsmarts Mod APK v1.7.9 (Mod Menu) Available for Free Download in 2024

If you love horror games, you definitely try out Granny Outwitt and experience the daunting gameplay that the game has to offer. This is one of the scariest horror games on the Google Play Store. Here, you will be caught and held hostage in a scary dark house where an evil granny lives. You need to outwit the granny and escape the maze-like house with various rooms, stories, and crannies. The game has many challenges for gamers ready to overcome fear and escape the evil granny.

Granny Outwitt  Apk Mod Menu

Granny Outwitt is an interesting game yet it comes with a fairly hard gameplay. You will have to be careful not to allow any furniture or anything else to fall on the floor while escaping. Otherwise, the granny will hear noises, catch up with you and kill you! The game offers you 5 game days for you to escape the haunted house. You should find clues and use other game items to survive. Download this game now and enjoy the terrifying action featured in this game.

Outwit the Granny to Escape

Among the many horror games available on the play store, this game offers an extreme feeling of fear. The game is famous for its frightening storyline. The player is captured and imprisoned by a mad old woman in a ghostly house and is required to escape. However, this attempt will not be easy since any sound will awaken and attract the granny. As a result, she will come and kill you and you will lose the game.

The player can hide in wardrobes or under beds to ensure the granny doesn’t see them. If the granny catches you, she will swing her baseball to hit the character on the head. Note that the player can also get hurt by falling on the slippery floor. Avoid having your head chopped off, falling into bear traps, being ran over by vehicles when escaping, or being attacked by the granny in the basement.

Granny Outwitt  Apk Mod

Moreover, the game has dark horror scenes and scary background soundtracks. The graphics are realistic and bring out the game environment vividly and smoothly. Thousands of gamers have downloaded and are playing the game now. You can download the game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Features of Granny Outwitt Mod Menu

Find hiding places and other game items that will help you escape the granny successively. Here are the features that are noticeable in this game.

Horrifying Gameplay – in the Granny Outwitt game, the player should walk around the house to locate objects that can help him escape the creepy house in 5 days. The game items include a hammer to cut planks of wood, a crossbow to kill Granny or bring down tall objects, and a shotgun to shoot Granny. Currently, the house has 5 floors, 2 attic areas, and a garage. The player can escape from the granny by clearing any obstacles on the front door. Alternatively, one can repair and use the car in the garage. Nonetheless, it requires so much of your time to repair since it requires gasoline, a spark plug, an oil pump, an engine part, a car battery, and a wrench.

Granny Outwitt Mod Apk

You will need to walk around the house quietly and watch out for items that you may step upon on the floor to produce noise. The old woman can hear everything, even the slightest sounds. If she hears a sound, she does not hesitate to strike and kill you immediately. With the horrifying yet realistic experience in this game, you will enjoy great gameplay that is not in many horror games. What are you waiting for? Get this game now and outsmart the evil grandma

Stunning Graphics – the developers of this game ensured to feature realistic graphics that brings out the best from the game environment. Everything from doors, windows, and all the furniture in the game are unbelievably life-like. The graphics used here immerses you into a dark real world full of spine-chilling items and surroundings. The 3D graphics also bring out a genuine representation of actual characters including Granny, Teddy, Slendrina, Slendrina’s Mom, Spiders, etc.

Immortality – the latest version of the Granny Outwitt game makes you immortal. If you make noises, the granny will run after you and kill you. However, this new version makes it easy for you to defeat the granny without dying. This will make it super easy for you to get out of the horror house without being captured or killed!

Download Granny Outwitt  Apk For Android

Unlimited days – in this game, you can only be offered 5 game days to complete the mission of escaping the weird house. If you are unable to escape within these 5 days, the granny will catch up with you even in your hideouts and kill you. The best thing about the latest version is that it offers you more days to play against the scary granny before escaping.

Ads-Free Experience – the developer was generous enough to offer a version of the game without ads. The game is free to play without the annoyance that comes with ads interrupting gameplay.

Download Granny Outwitt Mod Menu APK – Unlimited Days

If you want to enjoy playing a scary horror game with exciting gameplay, download the Granny Outwitt Mod APK. Get unlimited game days to play and escape the evil granny.

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