Happy Halloween of Mavis

Happy Halloween of Mavis
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Download the Latest Halloween Edition of Mavis APK 0.1 for a Spooktacular Time!

Happy Halloween of Mavis APK is a free adventure game developed by FHBQuickieHalloween. In this game, players will follow Mavis as she explores eerie places.

Players can collect candies and other Halloween treats along the way, as well as encounter ghosts, ghouls, and other creepy creatures. The game features colorful graphics and a spooky soundtrack to immerse players in the Halloween atmosphere.

Happy Halloween Of Mavis Apk

Overall, Happy Halloween of Mavis APK is a fun and festive game for those who want to get into the Halloween spirit. Download it now and have a hauntingly good time!

Happy Halloween of Mavis – Background

Are you a fan of Halloween and all spooky things? Then join Mavis on her trick-or-treating adventures in Happy Halloween of Mavis APK!

In this game, players will accompany Mavis as she explores creepy places in search of candy and other Halloween treats. The theme and graphics are designed to give players a real Halloween atmosphere.

The costumes and decorations aren’t the only spooky things players will encounter in this game. Ghosts, ghouls, and other eerie creatures may pop up along Mavis’s journey.

Happy Halloween Of Mavis Apk Download

As such, players must be brave and quick to collect all the treasures they can. This way, they will progress through levels and achieve high scores.

Comprehensive Gameplay Description

This game has undergone many improvements to make it even more exciting for players. One of these updates includes the release of Halloween costumes for Mavis. Players can dress her in different outfits, such as a witch or zombie, to add even more Halloween fun.

When FHBQuickieHalloween released the Happy Halloween of Mavis APK for Android, many players were uncertain about its gameplay. After trying it out, they were pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and immersive aspects of the game. This is evident in the numerous positive reviews the game has received.

You begin the game by selecting a level and controlling Mavis’s movements. As she explores each location, players must collect treasures and other Halloween treats. While that sounds simple enough, there are obstacles to avoid and scary creatures to defeat.

All the missions will require quick thinking and strategy to succeed. You must be willing to brave the spooky atmosphere and complete each level to get the satisfaction and high scores that come with it.

Happy Halloween Of Mavis Apk Latest Version

Overall, this game will immerse you in the Halloween spirit and leave you wanting more. It will also test your problem-solving skills and quick reflexes. Download it and start exploring different Halloween locations with Mavis now!

Super Improved Graphics & Animations

In this game, the graphics and animations have been greatly improved to make the Halloween atmosphere even more realistic. The locations are filled with spooky decorations, such as jack-o’-lanterns and cobwebs.

The characters, including Mavis and the ghosts, also have smooth movements that add to the overall gameplay experience. This guarantees a lag-free gaming experience, leaving players free to enjoy the creepy Halloween atmosphere.

In addition to the graphics, the soundtracks in Happy Halloween of Mavis APK contribute to the creepy atmosphere. As players explore different locations, they will hear eerie music and spooky sound effects. These add to the immersive aspects of the game and make it even more thrilling for players.

Challenging Missions & Levels

The missions and levels in this game are not just about collecting treats. They also involve solving puzzles and defeating frightening creatures to progress through the game.

Happy Halloween Of Mavis Apk For Android

As such, players must think strategically and act quickly to succeed at each level. Each mission presents a new and exciting challenge, guaranteeing that players will never get bored while playing.

When you start exploring the Halloween locations with Mavis, be prepared for some scares and thrills. But don’t worry – the satisfaction of completing each level will surely make it worth it.

Simple Controls

The controls in this game have been revamped to offer a smooth and seamless gaming experience. The buttons are easy to use, allowing players to focus on the gameplay and strategies instead of fiddling with the controls.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these simple controls will make it easy for you to control Mavis and complete the missions. They will also eliminate the frustration of limited or difficult controls, making the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Unlock New Costumes

What is Halloween without costumes? In this game, players can unlock different Halloween costumes for Mavis to add even more excitement to the gameplay.

Happy Halloween Of Mavis Apk 2022

You can dress her up as a witch, vampire, zombie, or any other spooky character. This adds another level of customization and fun to the game, allowing players to show off their unique style while playing.

Ensure you collect enough treats & complete the missions to unlock these costumes and add some extra flair to your gameplay. This way, you’ll sink deeper into the Halloween atmosphere while playing Happy Halloween of Mavis.


Happy Halloween of Mavis offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for all players. It includes improved graphics and animations, challenging missions and levels, simple controls, and the option to unlock new costumes.

Download it now and join Mavis on her Halloween adventure! Have fun collecting treats, solving puzzles, and defeating scary creatures in this spooky world.

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