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Idle Magic School

Idle Magic School
  • Updated
  • Version 2.7.5
  • Requirements Android Android 5.0+
  • Developer Longames
  • Genre Simulation
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Have you ever thought of building and running a magic school? Create the best schools for wizards in the Idle Magic School game by Longames. This simulation game is available on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 1 million gamers.

This game gives you a chance to build a magic school and make your dreams come true. This will be a school in mysterious happenings. There will be a magical forest where you will explore exceptional occurrences. This game blends adventure and resource management as you run your magic school.

Train powerful wizards to become the greatest magician on the face of the virtual world. Since this is a school for magicians, you will be able to unlock more classes and other facilities to help nurture and educate the students. Download the Idle Magic School game now and run an extraordinary school full of wizards.

Discover The Possibilities of a School of Magic

Immerse yourself into a school full of unique places and new places to be explored. You will have the opportunity to discover the great things in this vast Idle Magic School. You will be acting as the leader in the school to oversee the activities of the school.

As you run the school, your main tasks will be unlocking various school scenes and enrolling more students. Moreover, you will walk the education journey together with the students until they graduate. There is a program to become the best vampire knight, learn combat skills to gain an advantage in battle, and much more.

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You must train witches through many ways learned in school. Don’t hesitate to improve the infrastructure of the school to make it a learning hub for all students wishing to learn new spells.

There are very many tasks that you should complete in this game. Successful completion will earn you some cool rewards. The best thing is that you can hire teachers, unlock and use magic tools, and develop great strategies to help the young wizards discover their potential.

Idle Magic School Highlights

Download Idle Magic School now and enjoy managing a magic school! Here are the highlights of the game.

Manage a Wizard School – this allows you to establish a school for wizards. You will be nurturing youngsters in their early years of school to get educated and learn various aspects of life.

Apart from learning the many subjects learned in a normal school, you will be teaching wizards the art of magic. The learners should also master how to get along with teachers, fellow students, and other people in the school. Ensure that you make Idle Magic School the best magic school in the universe!

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You have several jobs to manage. Notably, you have lots of areas to explore, magic moves to uncover, and lots of life skills to teach to the learners. Download the game now and ensure you utilize many in-game items to make the best wizard quality.

Easy Gameplay – the gameplay here is easy. Just act as the overall manager of the magic school. With every performed action, you will earn unlimited money that you can designate for various development techniques.

You will also be able to do some dorm room monitoring, muggle training, and also drawing as well as building an exclusive school building to bring admiration to your magic college.

Battle in Real-Time Wars – the game is not only about helping students learn but also some missions to protect the school. There are game levels where you will have to play in adventures that task you with the duty of fighting other wizards who want to bring down the school. Go into a battle between yourself and a compete for the right to manage the school.

Idle Magic School challenges involve fantastic battles against priests, witches, and wizards, in real-time. So, go into the battles with all you’ve got and protect your wizard school against the ambush of rival schools with witches.

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Build and Expand the Magic School – in the Idle Magic School, players also have to build and expand the magic school. Become an outstanding owner of your own school full of young wizards. You will go through many different stages and face off with many other witches as you attempt to do anything to make your school more famous. 

Every stage in the Idle Magi School game is made very simple. The player will need to apportion a sufficient amount of money based on a predetermined strategy.

For effective development of the school, you must employ a sufficient growth plan in muggle training and employing good management. Bring massive fame to the school and allow more students to join your magic school.

Experience Many New Play Modes – this game comes with plenty of challenges in form of game modes. Wizards students will have to go through a lot of learning experiences before they graduate. The good thing is that the Idle Magic School Mod APK comes with unlimited new play modes.  

Apart from learning, you can plunge into plenty of battles in the Muggle Training mode. Here, you are free to upgrade the training charges, time, and capacity. That is the only way to produce top-tier wizards out of your magic school!

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Unlock and Upgrade Facilities – unlock many classrooms and facilities now. The catch is that you will need money for all these functions. You can get unlimited money by completing various tasks. The more students you enroll at your academy, the more money you earn.

Ultimately, you can invest in your school and perform various upgrades in the school facilities. Unlock more classes to build capacity for more student admission. Besides, you can decorate the school to lure in more wizards!

Download Idle Magic School Mod APK – Unlimited Money & Gems

Would you want to manage a magic school? Then, download the Idle Magic School Mod APK now and earn unlimited money as you run your magic school. Unlock more classrooms, bring in more students, and earn more unlimited money!

Idle Magic School
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