Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Officially Announced For $199

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Officially Announced For $199 – The launching of the Android tablet by Amazon, rolling yesterday. On this occasion the Amazon has finally announced Kindle Fire, Android 7-inch tablet with the affordable price of $199.

Kindle Fire is a tablet that is able to present a video streaming service with a custom interface. Even so, the Kindle Fire has a feature that is minimalist in order to price could be reduced to below 200 dollars. However, the Kindle Fire still provide the Amazon Prime service free for 30 days, as well as a subscription service costing $79 per year including access to video streaming services.

Hardware using, TI OMAP 1GHz dual-core processor plus 8GB of internal storage media. Not available with 3G connection, only wifi installed. In addition, not mounted camera and microphone, while the 7 inch screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Android OS used is a customized version 2.1. The battery is said can survive 7 hours with the use of wifi. Amazon does not require the Amazon Prime service, so the price of Kindle Fire tablet still affordable.


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