Hands On With Samsung Galaxy Note

Hands On With Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note has been introduced some time ago, and it certainly makes us interested in a brief review of its flagship feature.

Initially we were somewhat surprised by Galaxy Note form that is almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II. But after we noticed, was somewhat larger in size a few inches that makes us believe this is the Samsung Galaxy Note. As you can see with a 5.3 inch screen, we can easily hold the Galaxy Note with just one hand. Of these it is intended that you can use one another’s hand to be able to write or draw in any condition.

At the second home screen, you can instantly find a unique shortcut like in the picture above which takes you directly to the drawing features and S Memo. Both of these unique shortcut is the flagship feature of the Galaxy Note. To help you use these two features, the Samsung also equips Galaxy Note with S Pen.

On the homescreen you can find a shortcut S Planner that provides tools to organize your schedule is packed with easy and more intuitive way. with an 8 megapixel camera capabilities, Galaxy Note also equipped with a Photo Editor that will help you add various effects to photos to make it dramatic. Not only that, you are also given an application Movie Maker to edit some video that you recorded, then string up easily and quickly.

With the support 1.4 GHz dual-core processor was very helpful in running some applications that we try to smooth. Certainly there are many applications in the Android Market that is very interesting to use in the Galaxy Note.


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