Is This Ice Cream Sandwich? Video

Is This Ice Cream Sandwich? Video

Imagine you buy a phone, such as Samsung / Google Nexus S on eBay. When the phone is coming, it turns out there is something very different. Different interface than Google Nexus S normal. Looking to Settings – About, you see the firmware running on the same baseband Ice Cream Sandwich with screenshots leaked last week, but it runs the build updated (IRK48) and kernel 3.0.1.

Google Nexus S buyer which is fortunate then record a two-minute video to demonstrate the new features. In the video you can see the various influences of Gingerbread and Honeycomb, as four shortcuts on the bottom. There is a new Google Apps icon which when opened contains a variety of features by Google. Pressing home a few seconds takes you to the multitasking menu vertical, Honeycomb style. Bar notification, camera interface and other menus look different.

But beware, this video might just hoaxes, this could be just a custom ROM that was made as closely as possible with Ice Cream Sandwich likely to be released in two months.


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