Review: Acer Iconia Tab A500, The First Honeycomb Tablet Acer

In line with the presence of tablet Android honeycomb asus Eee Pad Transformer, Acer is also releasing Iconia Tab A500.

OS Android honeycomb (3.0) is the latest version of the Android platform operating system specifically intended for players tablet market. From the side view, OS ‘honeycomb’ is indeed quite revolutionary.

The drums of war ‘Nests Honey’ as beaten as Acer and Asus have started expanding their product to market. Soon some vendors also predicted to do the same.

If the first Eee pad transformers can amaze prospective users with external keyboard, then if Acer Iconia Tab A500 could also win the hearts of potential customers? Let us look at the design and performance, as well as advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A500, The First Honeycomb Tablet Acer


The first time we are carrying this tablet, it felt really heavy and quite fat when compared iPad iPad or 2, Eee Transformer Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, and HTC Flyer that will be followed out.

Display body tablets ‘honeycomb’ is indeed long for holding a tablet that has not been unusual 10 inch. With the rear cover patterned brushed metal body, this product at least a little look elegant. Users also can use a glossy screen coating on the front as a ‘mirror’ if this Iconia power button is turned off.

To port, a design that carried the Acer tablet is quite tidy. At the top of the hidden port Micro SD external memory (up to 32GB) with a lid. Temporal on the other side there is a micro USB port, HDMI, and audio jacks. Do not forget to affix Acer docking port at the bottom.


Display and Screen

Armed with 256 thousand color LCD technology, 1280×800 pixel resolution, a new look as though Android 3.0 bewitching its users to not let this tablet away from the hand.

Although some pages slightly broken homscreen when shifted, but did not make the performance of this A500 Iconia Tab forced to slow down as the screen displays the multitasking.

There is a five-page homescreen that can be shifted to the right and left. Like the Asus Honeycomb tablet, at the bottom left there was a back button, home, and the applications being run. Acer was also a new interface to directly access the eBooks, multimedia, song, or game.

Talking about games, Acer put three free games at HD resolution of this tablet product. They are: Need For Speed ​​Shift, Hero of Sparta, and Lets Golf. As a result we also recommend to gamers search Honeycomb tablets to try this 10-inch tablet sail.

Honeycomb Another feature that is not less interesting is the animation that is on the look of a product. In Iconia Tab A500, users can open the unlock screen lock by rotating the image in a circle. Beyond that, Acer also gives a physical button to lock the screen vertically or horizontally.


How is the performance of Acer Iconia Tab A500? Although little was broken in some conditions when shifting the homescreen, but the performance when running an application such as playing games or reading the eBook, it feels smooth tablet.

This is because Iconia Tab A500 has been equipped with dual-core processor made by NVIDIA Tegra 2 with a speed of 1 GHz. In addition to current used for gaming, this tablet also has a fairly good quality camera.

When tested outdoors, the camera resolution is 5 megapixel able to capture images with detail contrast is quite beautiful. Unfortunately when used indoors as well as the conditions are not outside. Fortunately, Acer adds an LED Flash, which helps in the room lighting conditions.

One of the things that prop up our hearts is the camera position on the back end. Although there are no significant problems, it feels a little weird when taking a picture object does not fit in the hands. Unfortunately oddity was closed with the ability to autofocus camera that is responsive. Just like the existing tablet Iconia Tab A500 also supports video recording with a resolution of 720p (HD).

Surfing in cyberspace even more felt relieved with a stretch of 10-inch screen tablet. Iconia not provided the option Tab A500 SIM card, so less able to quench the thirst ‘fakir bandwidth’ that is always looking for a free hotspot. In opening a web page, the response pinch to zoom feels quite smooth. Quite comfortable. With a battery of 3260 mAh Lithium Polymer, these tablets are invited to play strong, with a variety of online activities normally about one day.


Basically, this tablet suitable for those users who like to surf on the internet or playing games, because the size of the screen. Darling weighs a little heavier than other similar products.

There are two options Iconia Tab Acer A500 with a capacity of 16 GB which sells for USD 4 Million and 32 GB which sells for USD 5 Million. Everything is present without a SIM card.

Plus: + There are three bonus HD games
Minus: – Quite a heavy weight – Position the camera a bit strange


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