Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger Comes To Android?

Rumor: Blackberry Messenger Comes To Android?

A new rumor circulating is being hot discussed by the users of Android and of course the users from BlackBerry. One of the most crucial features of the BlackBerry in the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is rumored to be coming soon on the Android platform. This is starting to crowded discussed in cyberspace since some photos were found Techradar.

Rumors is still rumors, no one can make you believe 100% until there is evidence more real or at least no official statement from related parties (Google and RIM), what else seen the leaked photos look a bit strange, the Android already have a PIN, and image quality is not good. And almost everyone believes that the picture is the result of Photoshop.


Do you think that RIM would release one of the most precious treasure? And whether RIM will open the lines of the server (for the process of sending and receiving messages BBM) to other platforms that might threaten the security of the BlackBerry? Again this is just rumors and do not take it seriously.


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