Samsung Galaxy Nexus Get Pricing, Around $800

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Get Pricing, Around $800

After it was announced by Google, one of which was unknown at the time was the price and details of release plans and details of the smartphone is purely Ice Cream Sandwich. The new known was recently estimated time of its release in November.

Luckily based on info from SammyHub, this information is finally revealed. The Galaxy Nexus is rumored to be on sale from mid-November in the United States, Norway, Japan, Canada, and England. Verizon will sell in the United States, in Japan by NTT DoCoMo, while in the UK will go on sale by Three, Vodafone and O2. In the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be sell for 429 to 515 pounds. In addition Clove UK online stores have started offering the Galaxy Nexus for 514 pounds (814 dollars) which will begin shipping in November.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be visited Denmark, Finland, and Sweden in late November with the price each one at a price of 4400 DKK (817 USD), €649 ($897), and 5500 SEK ($831). After that the Dutch will miss out in December for the same price as in Denmark is €649.


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