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Premium Unlocked Online Monitor Last Seen Mod APK 1.0.58 is available for download.

Online Monitor Last Seen APK is an effective tool that helps you monitor the online/offline status of your contacts on different social networking and messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

This app, offered by LAT Systems, gives you an idea about when your contacts are last seen online. It is easy to use & it shows the exact time since the person was last seen online on different platforms conveniently.

It also offers customizable notifications so that you can receive alerts whenever any of your contacts is online/offline or has changed status. This allows you to keep track of the online/offline activities of your contacts and know when they are available or not.

Online Monitor Last Seen Mod Apk

Overall, Online Monitor Last Seen Mod APK for Android is the perfect solution for monitoring the online activities of your contacts. It is ideal for parents or other personal users who want to keep an eye on their contacts’ online activity. Download it now and start monitoring the activities of your contacts with ease.

Online Monitor Last Seen APK – Background Story

While technology is making our lives easier & more convenient, it has also brought some unforeseen drawbacks. Children are in danger of becoming victims of cyberbullying and other malicious threats. As parents, it is our responsibility to remain aware of our kids’ activities and whereabouts; being proactive rather than reactive can help safeguard them from harm.

To facilitate this effort, LAT Systems introduced Online Monitor Last Seen APK. This seamless app helps you keep tabs on the activities of your children and other contacts. It notifies you when any of them has changed their online status, allowing you to stay updated about their whereabouts.

Even better, this app is not solely for parents. It can also be used by curious friends, partners, and other personal users who want to keep track of the online activities of their contacts with ease. Download this app now and get started.

How to Use Online Monitor Last Seen APK

This application was tailored with the intent to provide an effortless user experience. It is remarkably easy to get started with and doesn’t require any complex setup procedure. It’s effortless to set up the app – simply download it on your device, make an account, and choose a package.

After selecting the package, you will access the home page where you can tailor-make your settings. You can use this page to add/remove contacts, view their online status & timestamps, customize alerts & notifications, and more. It’s effortless and intuitive.

Online Monitor Last Seen Mod Apk Download

Additionally, an easy-to-understand dashboard displaying data clearly and concisely is also featured on the app. This handy tool makes it effortless to keep tabs on multiple contacts at once.

You can rest assured that using this app will be an absolute breeze. It’ll help you stay updated about your contacts’ online activities with minimal effort. Get the Online Monitor Last Seen MOD APK download and start tracking your contacts.

Other Unique Features of Online Monitor Last Seen APK

  • Show Status Even When Uses Hide It. With modern devices, users can hide/disable their online status or last seen time on supported platforms. However, this app allows you to view their status even when they attempt to hide it.
  • Easy-to-Digest Stats. This app can allow you to consolidate data for the last 30 days. With this tool, you can easily determine who among your contacts is most active and how long they remain connected.
  • Group Tracking (Up To 10 Profiles). This feature is the perfect fit for sizable businesses or organizations that need to monitor their members’ online activities. You can keep a watchful eye on multiple contacts at once, making it an efficient and effective way of tracking activity.
  • Customized Notifications. You can customize popup alerts as per your requirements. This is especially beneficial if you want to monitor your children’s activities without invading their privacy.
Online Monitor Last Seen Mod Apk Latest Version
  • Guaranteed Support. One thing you’ll appreciate about this app is the guaranteed support that it offers. The team behind the app provides 24×7 customer support & will promptly resolve any issues you may have with the product.
  • Secure Service. This application also guarantees secure service; your data will remain confidential and protected from any unauthorized usage or third-party access. This way, you can trust the app with your sensitive data without worries.
  • Minimalistic UI and Simple Controls. This app features a minimalist UI and easy-to-navigate controls. This ensures that even the most novice users can use it with ease and master its functionality in no time.

System Requirements and Additional Information 

This efficient app only requires 8MB of space and is equipped to run optimally on Android 5.0+ devices. It is super straightforward to use and comes with a purchase/subscription fee ($3.99 – $54.99 per item).

Unfortunately, the lack of a trial version makes it difficult to try out this app without making an upfront purchase. This hardly leaves you with any choice other than committing to one of their packages.

Consequently, you can never be certain if the app is a worthwhile investment before committing your resources. Fortunately, you can download Online Monitor Last Seen MOD APK Premium Unlocked version, allowing you to enjoy all the features without restrictions.

Proven Tips for Using this App

  • Analyze the Stats and Trends. To get the most out of this app, focus on analyzing trends and stats for different contacts. By doing so, you can easily identify relationships & networks between them.
  • Leverage Custom Notifications. With customizable notifications/alerts set up according to your preferences, you can stay updated about your contacts, even when you’re away from the app.
Online Monitor Last Seen Mod Apk Premium Unlocked
  • Keep Track of Multiple Profiles. With the group tracking feature, you can keep tabs on up to 10 profiles simultaneously. This makes it effortless to monitor the activities of multiple contacts at once.


Online Monitor Last Seen APK is a useful and reliable application that can help you stay updated about your contacts’ online activities with minimal effort. It comes with plenty of features, such as customized notifications, last-seen tracking, and group monitoring, making it a good choice for individuals and businesses.

Additionally, the app is optimized to run smoothly on Android 5.0+ devices and only requires 8MB of space to install. You can use the Online Monitor Last Seen MOD APK Premium Unlocked version for free & take advantage of all its features without any restrictions.

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