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Developer: FUNNII

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Download Pink Game Mod APK 1.0.9 for Android with Unlocked Features

Pink Game by FUNNII – the deadly premise of Squid’s hunger – is a game full of life. You will experience gameplay with 456 players. Here, your life solely depends on you because you should know that someone could kill you. If you believe that you can win the game, try it out and survive. 

The rule of the game is very simple but death is also close to you in case you lose. In this squid’s horror game, you will have the opportunity to earn rewards in form of unlimited money. Be warned because the reality in this game is damn scary!

Pink Game Squid Game Mod Apk

In this colorful horror game, over 450 Stickman Player contests in various game levels to survive. Their lives are on the line and they have to outwit the opponents at every level to live! Squid survival shooting game comes with contests like red light, green light, TUG -F-war, Dalgona Candy, and marbles. Download this game now and ensure that you don’t miss out on the ultimate squid survival game.

The Ultimate Squid Survival Game

This ultimate roller-roster game comes with a range of levels where you play an exciting game with an aim of surviving! Squid Horror game Stickman recruiters created Business cards with the symbol of the game. That is a circle, triangle as well as a square. After receiving it, you will be one of the Stickman Players in this horror game.

Download Pink Game For Android

Don’t forget to be keen because you may be shot and lose! The pink man with huge a gun will appear in all squid survival levels at any time to kill you. Here, the only way out of this horrifying experience is to win every level of this squid survival game. Download the game now and enjoy smooth gameplay! Join thousands of players around the globe who are enjoying this game today!

Pink Game Features

There are lots of game levels that you can explore in this addictive yet mind-provoking game. Here are some features that make the game stand out in its genre!

Amazing Horror Gameplay – this horror game has a super creepy giant schoolgirl creature that calls the commands for gamers to run or stop. If it catches them moving while the lights go red, the giant and creepy creature immediately unleashes a weapon to shoot them. That eliminates them instantly, killing the player with a weapon. This is an expected result in a red light, green light game.

Pink Game Squid Fish Game Mod Apk

The red light, green light gameplay is an exceptional first child’s game. One person orders those behind them to run when there’s light green and stay still when the lights go red. Anyone who moves during a red light phase will be eliminated. Enjoy gameplay where you need to be keen to win on various levels. Don’t lose focus, lest you will die soon!  

Choose Your Own Survival Tactics – in this deadly squid survival game, you will be trying to cut a Dalgona Candy shape. You will win if you are able to raise the Dalgona candy shape without breaking it. On the other hand, you will survive if the Pink man doesn’t kill you by using his weapon. That is easy when you have a triangle shape. Note that it is not so simple if you select the umbrella. The main tip for this game is that thrashing the back of the Dalgona Candy helps to release the shape.

Pink Game Squid Fish Game

Many Characters – in this game, you will play with over 20 characters. Moreover, you will have up to 456 players to play against for survival. If you survive, you will win more unlimited coins. Download this game now and explore the simplest game to win in numerous survival series.

Fully Simulated Gameplay – do you think you can go far with a second chance of life or death? If you participate in the gamer of Squid’s survival game, you will immerse yourself in a game with a fully simulated gameplay. The most fascinating thing is that you will not have to pay anything to play this game! This horror game brings out strong emotional beats after the thrilling highs of each game level.

Pink Game Mod Apk Latest Version

Big Rewards – with any game level you win, you earn unlimited coins. This way, you can accumulate more unlimited money and unlock various in-game resources, characters, and more game levels.

Download Pink Game Squid Fish Game Mod APK – Unlimited coins

With the Pink Game Mod APK, you can enjoy great gameplay where you can make money and play an interesting game!

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