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Poppy Run 3D
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Unlimited Money: Acquire Poppy Run 3D Mod APK 2.1.5 at No Cost

If you are looking for a casual game that you could enjoy playing during your leisure time, then you are at the right place. Here, we present the Poppy Run 3D Mod APK created by XGame Global. This is an interesting game where you are supposed to be the ultimate survivor at the end of every game level.

You control a horrifying character along a runway where he eats all the healthy foods and avoid junk. As a result, he will become strong and grow in size. All that comes in handy when it comes to manhandling the opponent at the end of the runway, at the boxing ring.

Poppy Run 3D Mod Apk

This game is a new survival game that features a horror character! You are mistaken if you thought it was a typical hide-and-seek or chase poppy game. Download the game now and enjoy the poppy playtime gameplay and ultimately prove your fighting prowess with the big and scary opponents at the end of the race.

Be The Last Man Standing

There are so many casual games you can play today. Hundreds of casual games are now available on the Google Play Store for free. One of the newest and most exciting casual games you can play today is the Poppy Run 3D game.

Here, the game presents a horror character that you should control on a runway, feed him to acquire a gymnastic body, and face off with a boxing champion at the finish line. The most exciting thing about the end is that there is some sort of boxing ring.

Poppy Run 3D Mod Apk Unlimited Money

You need to have fed the character with all the nice food items along the path to the ring. That is the only way to grow the character’s size and have enormous strength. Ultimately, you will be able to hit the opponent waiting in the ring with all you’ve got! The harder you hit, the further you hit and catapult the opponent, the more unlimited money you will earn!

Poppy Run 3D Features 

In the Poppy Run 3D game, you will play as poppy and attempt to pick up and eat as many good items as possible. Don’t allow poppy to get huggy and wuggy or else you will lose the game.

Poppy Run 3D Mod Apk Latest Version

Captivating Survival Gameplay – the gameplay offers an exciting moment for gamers. You only have to maneuver various obstacles and finish the game as a huge and strong boxer. Then, you have to defeat the opponent by punching them as hard as possible.

With several blows, you should be able to take down the opponent. That implies that you have to grow the size of your character to be able to deliver impactful kicks. Otherwise, you might be unable to win the game. 

Foodstuff Obstacles – there are many obstacles along the way. The most exciting thing is that most of them are food items. You need to move over them to collect and feed them to the character. That way, you will increase the body size and muscle capacity of the character.

Poppy Run 3D Mod Apk Download

However, you should ensure that you avoid collecting or feeding your character with junk foods. Avoid them completely! Just like in real life, they are not healthy foods! Make the character strong and huge as he gets to the finish line.

Easy to play – the Poppy Run game comes with a simple tap and hold to run controls. If you make a selection for boxing gloves instead of exercising dumbbells, you will have to punch anyone on your way. You only have to tap on the screen to punch.

There are a number of obstacles on your path. You should simply swipe to the left or right to maneuver the obstacles. You can also swipe upwards to make the character jump. You will enjoy the game without hardship even as a beginner!

Poppy Run 3D Mod Apk 2021

Simplistic 3D Graphics – the game is created using stunning yet simplistic 3D graphics. You will also witness realistic reflexes by the character as he moves from the start to the end. Additionally, the final execution of combat moves in the ring is excellent.

After accomplishing your goal of defeating the opponent in the ring with some cool boxing styles, you will be entertained by a great dance! Enjoy the entertaining dance with a blast of celebration colors in the background!

Many Game Levels – you will play in several game levels. Each win unlocks another level. You can play and win in as many levels as you can.

Unlimited Money – every level completed successfully in the Poppy Run 3D game gives the player a chance to earn unlimited money. You get multiplied money with the strongest kick of your opponent in the ring. Watch app ads to earn even more unlimited money.

Download Poppy Run 3D Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Without Ads

The Poppy Run 3D Mod APK offers players unlimited money and has all ads removed. Download the Poppy Run 3D APK today and enjoy every pleasurable moment the game has to offer!

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