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Stray Cat Game Guide
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Developer: Atlas Entertainment Studio

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Get the latest Stray Cat Game Guide APK Mod 1.0 (2023) free download for Android

Stray Cat Game Guide is an adventure game offered by Atlas Entertainment Studio. It features a stray cat that turns into an assassin. Your ultimate goal will be to guide and help it become the king of assassins.

The game is riddled with obstacles, deadly challenges, and other players who will be trying to take you down. You must ensure that your feline friend comes out on top.

The gameplay is simple yet addictive. Once you start, you will find it difficult to put the game down. It is lightweight (78MB) and works with any device using Android 4.0+ OS.

Stray Cat Game Guide APK – Storyline 

This game features a cat that is lost and separated from its family. It must demystify ancient mysteries in the Cybercity to find its way to a big Giant Burger. However, the journey is fraught with danger.

Stray Cat Game Guide Apk

The cat must use its skills and abilities to stealthily take down opponents. It will have to overcome different obstacles, including other players vying for the title of an ultimate assassin.

Along the way, the cat will also uncover different secrets and conspiracies. Will it be able to make it back home safely? Or will it succumb to the dangers of Cybercity? Download the game to find help it!

Why Download Stray Cat Game Guide?

An adventure gives you a sense of freedom that few other genres can provide. In Stray Cat Game Guide, you are in control of everything. The decisions you make will determine the outcome of the game.

The graphics are colorful and attractive. Despite being a 2D game, it does not look outdated. It also runs smoothly on most devices. The game is also regularly updated with new content and features.

The best part about Stray Cat Game Guide is that it is free to download and play. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can start playing immediately.

A Tantalizing Gameplay

This game is adventurous and fast-paced. It features a ferocious Cybercity drone robot determined to hamper your progress. You will have to use your agility and intelligence to outsmart it.

Stray Cat Game Guide Apk Download

It is set in the neon-lit streets of Cybercity. A decaying world with murky secrets. Navigating it will not be easy. It is laden with unforeseen threats that can take you down at any moment.

To survive, you must use all the skills at your disposal. The stray cat has unique abilities that will help it in its quest. It can dash to avoid danger and attack with great force.

Fortunately, there are lots of loots to collect. Always ensure that your inventory is full before taking on a new challenge. This way, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Always ensure that you look for the Giant Burger. Eating it should be your ultimate goal. This will help you restore your health and progress to the next level.

Outstanding Features of Stray Cat Game Guide APK Download

  • Lots of Unwelcoming Challenges. This game features lots of curious droids and other harmful creatures. You must be very careful as one wrong move can lead to your demise.
  • Open-World Set Up. This game has high & low-security zones. You will roam the world looking for an escape route while collecting treasures. Always be on the lookout for anything that can help you in your quest.
Stray Cat Game Guide Apk Mod
  • A Generous Reward System. The game features a generous reward system. You will be handsomely rewarded for completing challenges and tasks. This will help you in your journey to becoming the ultimate assassin.
  • Avoid Patrols. The game features different patrols. You must use your agility and stealth to avoid them. One wrong move can lead to your capture, and that would spell the end of your adventure.
  • Simple User Interface. This game is uncomplicated and simple to explore. The open-world gaming concept ensures that you are free to move around and discover new things at your own pace.
  • Many Challenging Levels. The game features different levels with varying difficulty. You will have to use all your skills and abilities to complete them. This feature removes boredom and ensures that you are always engaged.

Gameplay Control Tips

Touching your screen will move the character. If you want to change the direction, just slide your finger in the desired direction.

These simple controls ensure that you can focus on the game and not on the controls. The controls are also very responsive. You will not have to worry about your character not responding the way you want it to.

Stray Cat Game Guide Apk Latest Version

To dash, just double-tap on the screen. This will help you avoid danger and escape from tight situations. You can also jump by tapping on the screen, helping you avoid cybercity drones.

You can also use items by tapping on them. This will help you in your quest to become the ultimate assassin.

Collect All the Coins You Can Find

Coins are crucial in this game. They can be used to purchase items and upgrades that will help you in your quest.

You can find coins in different places. They are often hidden in secret places. Always be on the lookout for them. You can also get coins by completing challenges and tasks.

Stray Cat Game Guide APK MOD 

This modded version will give you lots of features that will help you in your quest. It has unlimited money, so you can buy anything you want. It also removes all ads so that you can focus on the game.

Stray Cat Game Guide Apk For Android

If you want to accelerate your gameplay, then this modded version is for you. It will help you in your journey to becoming the ultimate assassin.


Do you love adventure games? If yes, you should download Stray Cat Game Guide APK for Android. This game challenges you to guide a stray cat through a cybercity filled with danger.

The game is simple to control and has a responsive user interface. It also features lots of challenging levels that will keep you engaged. Download the game now and start your adventure.

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