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Download the latest version of the AndroidShine.Com APK 1.0, an unpacked game for Android.

Would you want to play a game where you build and furnish your entire house with stunning items? Then you should download and install the Unpacking Game developed by Witch Beam and published by Humble Games. This game gives you a familiar experience of pulling various items out of boxes and placing them into their respective unique places in the new home.

Unpacking Game Walkthrough

This is a block-fitting puzzle game where you perform various home decorations. Here, you are invited into an interior décor challenge where you should attempt to create a satisfying living space. You will also be learning clues about the life you are unpacking. Download the Unpacking Game now and enjoy a thrilling decorating action!

Unpack and Make a Complete Home 

Unpacking Game is about the familiar experience of discovering possessions that are packed in boxes and fitting them into a new home. In this home decoration game, you immerse yourself into gameplay where you create a mind-blowing living space with all the unpacked items. Moreover, the game presents the gamer with eight house moves where you are given an opportunity to experience a sense of intimacy with the in-game character you never see and a story you will not be told.

Unpacking Game Download

Here, you will be able to perform various functions including shopping for classy furniture and décor items. The in-game store allows you to experience a shopping spree similar to IKEA. Without a doubt, moving into a new house is one of the most stressful experiences of modern life. however, you may be learning some perfect clues on how to move without troubles in the Unpacking Game. Be assured that this game will not only be fun, but relaxing and entertaining.

Unpacking Game Features

The Unpacking Game APK offers players various outstanding features that make the game stand out as an exciting interactive and engaging game.  

Unpack a Home – makeover your house without limits. Decorate the type of house presented during gameplay from a single bedroom house to a mansion. Note that the gameplay here offers eight empty houses at your disposal. At one point, you will need to help individual characters to equip every cozy corner and find out their life story.

Unpacking Game Apk

You will be free to equip and decorate all rooms from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen. The game does not have any timers and counters. So, you can calmly enjoy the decoration process, relax and not rush.

This is an intuitive and addictive game where you will enjoy real satisfaction in finding the right place for every item. Even in the introductive levels of the demo, you begin to get a feeling of the character’s interests. Therefore, the game will give you a nice chance to see how things play out as their life progresses. 

Explore Many Places – in your virtual house, you will have so many places to explore and decorate. You will have so many boxes to unpack and discover countless items that you can use to beautify your entire house. You will be able to go to the sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, and even a home library. The main role of the player is to place the unboxed items in the right places. Unpacking Game photos may give you an insight into what the game is all about!

Unpacking Game Files

When you are arranging objects, do not be lazy to explore the many corners of the houses provided to you. This way, you may suddenly stumble upon interesting things. Don’t hesitate to explore the several domestic environments with all their nooks and crannies. Perform various actions like stacking plates, hanging towels, and arranging bookshelves!

Get Yourself a New Home – this awesome gameplay gets players into a space where they own a new home and decorate it all they want. They will have boxes to unpack and use all the contents to decorate the entire house. The gameplay is in form of a puzzle, and players are required to point and click elements.

Simplistic 2D Graphic – the Unpacking Game is created with simple yet intriguing 2D graphics and pixel style. Plunge yourself into an adventure that will give a familiar experience of taking items out of boxes and putting them in the right place. Every action is smooth and will excite you throughout the entire gameplay.

Unpacking Game Photo

Simple Controls – this game comes with simple and engaging click and drag controls. If you watch the Unpacking game walkthrough, you will learn that playing the game will be very easy even for beginners. 

Unpacking Game Levels – there are many levels in this game, which you should complete to earn various gifts. With the various gifts, you can unlock many items and go shopping!

Electrifying Soundtrack – Unpacking Game has a very stimulating soundtrack. Notably, the soundtrack was done by BAFTA award-winning audio composer and director, Jeff van Dyck

Download Unpacking Game APK – Unlimited Prizes 

Earn unlimited prizes in the Unpacking Game – Endless Décor Challenges and shop all you want. Get yourself more boxes and discover more items that you can use in the décor challenges in the game!

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